Titheradges descended from Daniel of Portsea

It is the Titheradge family tree into which we have put most of our effort. We have contacted some 20 family members and with their help, we have managed to construct a family tree of some 533 individuals stretching across 11 generations. Because of the size of the tree, in our written account of the family history, we have had to concentrate mainly on the males, since it is the male line that hands on the name. Despite this large tree we still have Titheradge individuals who were born between 1837 and 1948 who remain a mystery and unattached to the tree. One common characteristic that we have noticed about nearly every Titheradge that we have contacted is that they do not seem to be very close knit families. Many people, including Mike before we started this hobby, know very little about other family members and do not keep in touch, other than with their immediate family.

The Titheradge family tree began by Daniel Tytheridge marrying Rebecca Baker in Portsea, Hampshire in 1744. Daniel’s surname is spelt Tytheridge at his wedding, but the spelling varies with the birth of each of his children until finally by the time the grandchildren are producing offspring the name is consistently spelt TITHERADGE. Unfortunately we know nothing of the origins of Daniel and where he was born remains a mystery, although there is a Daniel born at the right sort of time in Kilmeston – but we have no evidence to link the two. The Titheradges mainly stayed in the Portsmouth area until about 1836 when Henry (born 1808) moved to London. His children, James (born 1830), Edward (born 1832) and Luwish George (born 1842) all produced large families, that went on to establish the Titheradges in the London area. Initially they were living around Kensington, Paddington, and Pancras and later they were also living in West Ham and Walthamstow. While Henry had moved to London his cousins, James Fabian (born 1816) and George Robert (born 1825), stayed in the Portsmouth area, establishing the Titheradge family there.

If you have looked at our previous website at Titheradge@fsworld.co.uk you will find there are some corrections we have made to this the latest version of the tree. In particular there are a lot of additions and corrections to George Robert’s family where new records have come to light, showing there were errors in the previous version. We have more information on modern Titheradges but in the interest of privacy we have chosen not to publish details of individuals born in the last 90 years.



Daniel Tytheridge married Rebecca Baker at Portsea St Mary 6.1.1744. Their marriage produced five children:

John baptised 15.12.1745 at Portsea St Mary
Daniel baptised 28.12.1746 at Portsea St Mary
James baptised 4.12.1748 at Portsea St Mary
Elizabeth baptised 1.09.1751 at Portsea St Mary
Daniel baptised 27.10.1754 at Portsea St Mary

Both the Daniels died young in 1750 and 1756. Daniel senior also died in 1756, while Rebecca died in 1765. We do not know what became of John, but he could be the John who appears in neighbouring Itchen Ferry in Southampton in 1768, although there is a discrepancy in the date of birth so this cannot be proved.

The third child James is the only son to produce children. James married Mary Fabian at Portsea St Mary 30.11.1771, and they produced six children.

Mary baptised 6.09.1772 at Portsea St Mary
Beckey Fabian baptised 17.05.1778 at Portsea St Mary
James Fabian baptised 4.07 1784 at Portsea St Mary
Elizabeth Fabian baptised 4.01.1789 at Portsea St Mary
Lizzy baptised 16.01.1791 at Portsea St Mary
Christopher Fabian baptised 16.12.1792 at Portsea St Mary

 Mary’s surname Fabian is given to four of her children and is then passed down for many further generations. Both of the sons produce future generations of Titheradges, with James’s sons producing the line that moves to London (see sections b, c, d, and e) and Christopher’s sons producing the line that mainly stays in the Portsmouth area, or emigrate to Australia (see sections f, g and h).


On 4.07.1806 James Fabian married Mary Heathrell at Portsmouth St Thomas and they produced five children.

Henry baptised 3.07.1808 at Portsea St Mary
James Fabian baptised 8.10.1809 at Portsea St Mary
Mary Heatrell baptised 15.11.1812 at Portsea St John
Ann born 1816
Joseph Fabian born 5.3.1824 at Alverstoke

Mary’s surname is again given to one of the children and is then passed down through Henry’s line to the present day.

We believe that the second son James went to America and married Juliann Shoman in Baltimore Maryland 23 April 1838. They appear to have at least two daughters. James was a ship’s captain. He died aged 40 on 14 September 1847 in Philadelphia, USA.

The third son Joseph Fabian moved to Paddington, London and married Mary Frances Hamilton in Paddington St James on 10.02.1856. Joseph was a private in the army, in the 3rd Dragoons and was discharged in 1868. He died in 1871. We know of no further Titheradges by this line.

Henry, the eldest son, married Eliza Jenkins at All Saints Southampton on 27.07.1828. Henry and Eliza had ten children.

Henry baptised 28.06.1829 at All Saints Southampton
James baptised 19.09 1830 at All Saints Southampton
Edward Eatrill baptised 22.07.1832 at Portsea St Mary
Sarah Ann baptised 09.11.1834 at All Saints Southampton
William baptised 17.07.1836 at St Mary Abbot church, Kensington
MaryAnn baptised 20.05.1838 at St Mary Abbot church, Kensington
Eliza Jane baptised 25.02.1840 at St Mary’s, Paddington Green
John Thomas baptised 24.04.1841 at St Mary Abbot church, Kensington
Lewish George baptised 8.10.1842 at St Mary Abbot church, Kensington
Elizabeth Ann birth registered December 1844 in Kensington

Henry and Eliza moved around from place to place, presumably in search of employment. This is about the time the railways were being built, therefore people were able to travel around more freely and were also more likely to move to an area like London where there were jobs to be found. In 1829 and 1830 Henry and Eliza lived at 14 Cross Street, Southampton. In 1832 they were in the Landport area of Portsmouth, but in 1834 they had returned to Southampton to 8 Waights Terrace. By 1836 Henry and Eliza had settled at 43 Caroline Place, Bayswater, and it was here in 1836 that Henry, aged 7, died and was buried at St Mary Paddington Green. Between 1841 and 1856 Henry and Eliza lived at 69 Moscow Road, Bayswater. Henry’s trade was described as a painter, a plumber and a glazier. Henry died in 1857. Eliza was making a living as a shopkeeper in 1861 at 69 Moscow Road, while in 1871 she was at 12 Douglas Place and in 1874 she was a confectioner at 75 Moscow Road. Eliza died in 1875 at Paddington workhouse. Three of Henry and Eliza’s children died very young William in 1836, Mary Ann in 1839 and John Thomas in 1841. The other three sons all produced Titheradge family groups (see sections c, d and e).


James, second son of Henry and Eliza in section (b), was a painter. In 1851 he was living on his own at 2 Chapelside. He married Emma Mayor on 11.07 1852 at St James Paddington. Emma appears to already have a child Rebecca when they got married. James and Emma had four children.

Henry James birth registered March 1855 in Kensington
William born 25.08.1857 in Kensington
Robert Arthur born 6.05.1861 in Kensington
Emma Celine born 15.05.1864 in Kensington

 In 1861 James and Emma were living at 1 Poplar Square Paddington.

Henry James married Emma Eliza Byrne and they only had one known child, Henry William, who was born 31.01.1875 in Kensington but he died in infancy.

Second son William died in Kensington in March 1879 aged 24 with no known offspring.

Third son Robert Arthur was initially employed as a footman before he joined the Royal Navy as a boy cadet in May 1877. His records show him to be of good conduct. On his enrolment he was described as 5ft 5in – 5ft 7in, with dark brown hair, grey eyes, a fresh complexion and a tattoo on his left arm. Between 1877 and 1885 he served on numerous ships such as Fishguard, Impregnable, Ganges, Tyne, Victor Emmanuel, Moorhen, Duncan and President. After leaving the navy in July 1885, he became a bookseller who also sold ecclesiastical goods. His business was at 172 Queens Road, Paddington in 1893 and a year later the business moved to 186 Queens Road where it remained until at least 1899. Robert married Alice Amelia Marion Viney. They produced seven children.

Arthur Robert birth registered March 1887 in Paddington
William Charles birth registered September 1888 in Paddington
Walter James birth registered June 1890 in Paddington
Laura Marion birth registered September 1893 in Paddington
Dorothy Alice birth registered September 1896 in Paddington
Eric George birth registered September 1898 in Paddington
Winifred Marion birth registered September 1902 in Paddington

Robert Arthur Titheradge and family about 1901


Walter and Laura died as children Walter in 1892 and Laura in 1894

Robert and Alice lived at 86 Westbourne Road in 1894. When Robert died in 1915 he was at 29 Grosvenor Gardens, East Sheen, Surrey. In his will he left £553 to his wife and heirs.

Eldest son Arthur Robert married Mabel Catherine Bramley in 1910 and had one daughter, Enid. Arthur was a gunner in RGA. He was killed in World War I at Ypres France on 09.06.1917, and is buried in Etaples Military Cemetery. At this time his family lived at 4 Park Lane, Wallington, Surrey. In his will he left £334 to his wife.

William Charles was a pilot in RNAS in World War I. He served in Scotland, Malta and Italy. He joined RAFVR in 1938 and retired as a wing commander. He married Lilian Hicks and they had two sons, Philip (born 1925 died 2001) and Derek (born 1929 and died about 2006).

Eric George married Betty Devereux at Potterspury in June 1927. Eric served in the South African Scottish regiment in World War I and also joined RAFVR in 1939. He was manager of the Standard Bank in Simonstown, South Africa, where he died in 1957 without issue.


Edward Eatrill, the third son of Henry and Eliza (section b above), was a plumber and painter like his father, although by 1869 he had changed his occupation to a tobacconist. In 1851 he lived in 20 Salem Gardens, Bayswater on his own. He married Eliza Peters on 31.03.1852 at St James Paddington. They had at least 8 children:

Emma Eliza birth registered December 1852in Kensington
Sarah Ann birth registered June 1854 in Kensington
Henry John born 12.12.1855 in Kensington
Annie Sophia birth registered September 1857 in Kensington
Alfred birth registered December 1859 in Kensington
Elizabeth Emma birth registered 1862 in Kensington
Emma Eliza birth registered 1864 in Kensington
Edward Hetrell birth registered 1866 in Kensington

Edward and Eliza were at Royal Hill, Paddington in 1855. They then moved near to his mother so that by 1861 they were at 85 Moscow Road, 1869 they were at 69 Moscow Road and from 1871 until 1874 they were at the same address as his mother, at 75 Moscow Road. Four of the children died young Emma Eliza in 1859 and then in 1869 tragedy struck the family when their house caught fire and Elizabeth aged 7, Emma aged 5 and Edward aged 3 all died. Edward Eatrill died five years later in 1874.

Alfred was living with his family on 1861 census, but in the accounts of the fire in 1869 there is no mention of him at all. In 1871 census he is not at home but appears at Kirby and Darenth Home for Little Boys in Farningham. He then reappears in Paddington on 16th September 1872 when he is admitted to St Matthews School Westminster from previous school at Farningham. Why he went to the home for little boys remains a mystery. In 1881 he married Phoebe Perrett in Paddington. So far we have failed to find Phoebe’s death or find any record of Alfred or Phoebe emigrating but the next finding of Alfred is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA in 1888 when he is now married to Elizabeth. Alfred and Elizabeth had at least six children who all died under a year old. Alfred died in Philadelphia 30.04.1902.

Henry John, the eldest son of Edward and Eliza, was a saddler and harness maker. He married Louisa Dennis 31.10.1875 at St James Hampstead. They had 6 children:

Edward Hetrell born 7.02.1877 in Marylebone
Annie born about 1880 in Woking
Edith Maud birth registered December 1881 in Kensington
Alfred Henry birth registered June 1885 in Hampstead
Nellie Eliza birth registered September 1887 in Paddington
Florence birth registered March 1890 in Paddington

Henry and Louisa were living at 19 Hereford Street, Marylebone in 1877

Alfred Henry, the younger son, married twice. Alfred Leonard was born to Alfred Henry and Jessie Whorlow in 1912 and he died in 1992 and another son was born to Alfred Henry and his second wife Bertha Cook.

Henry and Louisa’s eldest son, Edward Hetrell, is Mike’s grandfather. He married Rose Warding Moss on 25.12.1898 at St John the Evangelist Kilburn and they produced a large family of nine children:

Harold Edward birth registered June 1900 in Paddington
Francis Hetrell birth registered September 1902 in West Ham
John Alfred Henry born 14.10.1904 in West Ham
Herbert Owen born 4.11.1906 in West Ham
Stanley birth registered March 1909 in West Ham
Gladys Elsie born 10.08.1913 in West Ham
Lawrence Ernest birth registered in December 1915 in West Ham
Doris Dora born 11.11.1918 in West Ham
Eric Norman born 6.04.1921 in West Ham

They lived in the Walthamstow district of London. Edward Hetrell died in 1942. Edward Hetrell was a compositor, printer and most of Edward’s sons worked in the newspaper industry in Fleet Street. Herbert was a compositor printer, John was a machine minder, and Stanley was a Clerk. Of the nine children only three produced Titheradge offspring, although all did marry. Harold Edward married Dorothy Freeman in 1926 in West Ham. Francis Hetrell married Dorothy Judd in 1929 in West Ham. John Alfred Henry married Dorothy Howarth in 1929 in West Ham, they had one adopted daughter Barbara who was killed in a bombing raid in 1941. Herbert Owen married Edith Neat on 27.4.1935 at Holy Trinity Tottenham and they had two children a boy and girl. Stanley married Gladys Leopold 21.8.1938. Gladys Elsie married Leonard Sach in August 1936. Lawrence Ernest married Anne Dunkinson in 1941 and they had three sons. Doris Dora married twice first to Sidney Ashpole and second to Sidney Salter.

The youngest of the nine children, Eric Norman (known as Bob), is Mike’s father. He served with the Kings Royal Rifle Corps in the army in World War 2. During the war he saw service in North Africa, Gibraltar, the Normandy landings, Holland and Germany. He met Beatrice Ellen Postle while posted to Morpeth Northumberland and they married on 13.05.1944. They had two children Robert Edward born 3.9.1947 and Michael Alan both born in Morpeth. Robert (Bob) was divorced and had one son. Bob joined the Fleet Air Arm and trained as an aircraft engineer. After leaving the navy he spent a lot of time as an aircraft engineer working abroad, combining his love of travel with his hobby of sailing. Sadly he died of cancer in March 1993. Michael (Mike) married Ann Christine Meaker in Newport Gwent. They have two sons and one daughter all born in Brighton Sussex. Mike obtained his B.Sc. and Ph. D. in Medical Biochemistry from Birmingham University. He is now a Lecturer at Sussex University.


Lewish George Titheradge (b1842 d1927)

Lewish George, the sixth son of Henry and Eliza (section b above), was a gilder’s apprentice in 1861, and later a gilder and carver. He specialised in decorating panels of ornate pianos and also gilded frames when there was an exhibition at the Royal Academy of Art. Lewish is a most unusual Christian name but its origin is unknown. He was apparently proud of his unique name and would say “not Lewis but Lewish spelt with an h and Titheradge spelt with an “r a d”. In 1861 census he is confusedly referred to as George. According to his daughter, Eliza Jane (known as Jenny Harris after her marriage), Lewish was “an affable, warm-hearted man who spent his money as quickly as he earned it by treating his friends and so in his old age he had nothing left”. Lewish married Sarah Ann Loop 25.12.1862 at St James Westminster. They had eight children:

Sarah Ann born 29.02.1864 in London St James
James Edward Henry born 2.10.1865 in London St James
Edward born 28.06.1867 in London St James
Emma Elizabeth born 9.11. 1869 in Notting Hill
Harriett born 29.10.1872 in Kensington
William Daniel born 29.10.1872 in Kensington
Elizabeth Mary born 28.11.1877 in Marylebone
Eliza Jane born 29.12.1879 in Pancras

Sarah and Harriett both died as babies and Elizabeth died aged three. Emma also is believed to have died young. Lewish and Sarah seemed to have moved around central London with great regularity, with a different address at the birth of each child. Their addresses were 1864 Portland Street, St James, Piccadilly, Westminster; 1865 to 1867 10 Berwick Street, St James, Piccadilly, Westminster, 1872 12 Douglas Place, Paddington, the same address as his mother, 1877 4 Buckingham Street; 1879 37 Munster Square, Pancras; 1881 27 Clarendon Square. They then moved to Walthamstow. There are memories of Lewish and son James and daughter Eliza (Jenny) all living in the same street in Walthamstow. Lewish was 85 when he died in 1927 in Walthamstow, his wife Sarah having died 24 years earlier.

Lewish’s eldest son James Edward Henry was a brush maker and painter. He married Alice Butterworth and produced three sons

Charles Edward born 3.04.1890 in Pancras, London
Percival born 24.07.1896 in Pancras, London
Walter born March 1898 in Pancras, London

At Charles’s birth, James and Alice were living at 11 Polygon Road, St Pancras and at Percival’s birth they were at 60 Arlington Road, Pancras. James died in 1937 at Rochford Essex. Son Charles married Catherine Armiger in 1916 and he died in 1932 when they were living at 38 Ainslee Gardens, Chingford, they had no known children. Percival married Edith Cowell and had a son John Percival born 11 Apr 1920 and died in 1980 and a daughter. Walter married Lily Swingler in 1920 and they had one son. Walter died in 1934.

Lewish and Sarah’s second son Edward was born in 1867 and married Catherin Radburn in 1891 at St Pancras old church. They had six sons.

Edward born 1892
George Edward born 1893 in Pancras
Alfred Richard born 1895 in Pancras
Edward William born 1898 in Pancras
Edward Henry born 1900 in Pancras
Richard Arthur Robert 1902 in Pancras

Edward, Edward William and George Edward died at a very young age. The third son Alfred Richard married Elizabeth Robertson in 1920 and died in 1965 with no known children. The fifth son Edward Henry married Gladys Marshall in June 1932 and had two girls and a boy. Edward died in Houslow in 1980. The youngest son Richard Arthur Robert was born in 1902 and died in 1963 in Kerrier, Cornwall. He appears to have married three times, first to Catherine Gage in Pancras in 1921, Catherine had one daughter and appears to have died in childbirth in 1923. Alfred next married Rose Baker a year later in 1924 in Islington and Rose died in 1928. He then married Marion White in Islington in 1935.

William Daniel the youngest son of Lewish lived in Summerstown London in 1898 and later moved to Edgware, Hendon and then to Walthamstow. He worked as a Brewer’s labourer in Walthamstow where he died in 1952 aged 80. There is a vague family memory that he and his two brothers did a turn in the Music Hall but this is not confirmed. He married a widow Annie Johanna Bloodworth and they produced eight children:

William John born 1.02.1898 in Pancras
Alfred George birth registered March 1900 in Pancras
Edward Albert birth registered December 1901 in Pancras
Amelia Blanche born 9.02.1904 in Pancras
Albert Henry born 9.06.1906 in Pancras
Henry James born 17.06.1908 in Pancras
Florence Rose birth registered September 1910 in Pancras
Ellen born 4.04.1913 in Pancras

Each of William Daniel’s five sons married and produced children and lived in the London areas of Pancras, Islington and Finsbury. William Daniel produced 25 Titheradge grandchildren that we know of and 31 great or great great grandchildren

William John married Florence James in Islington in 1918 and had five children two boys who died young and three girls. William John was a soldier in World War I and later worked as an assembly worker William died Baking Essex in 1977.

Alfred George married Emily Lake in March 1919 in Pancras, they had five children three girls and two boys. Alfred died in Hendon, Middlesex in 1971.

Edward Albert married Ellen Clover in 1924 in Islington and they had two girls and 1 boy. Edward died in Stafford in 1986.

Albert Henry married Violet Papworth in1929 in Pancras and they had two girls and three boys. Albert died in Dagenham Essex in 1977.

Henry James married Catherine Searle in 1931, they were known as Harry and Kit. They had four boys and three girls. Henry died in Islington in 1998.


Christopher Fabian born 1792, the youngest son of James and Mary Fabian (see section a above), was a shipwright. He married Martha Elizabeth Sutton on 9.11.1813 at St John Portsea. They had six children:

Elizabeth baptised 22.10.1814 at St John Portsea
James Fabian baptised 17.11.1816 a at St John Portsea
Frances Mary baptised 6.05 1821 at St John Portsea
George Robert baptised 5.04 1825 at St John Portsea
Ursula Jane baptised 8.11.1827 at St John Portsea
Adelaide Sophia baptised 26.09.1830 at St John Portsea

 In 1814 Christopher and Martha lived at Trafalgar Street Portsea and in 1830 they lived at Gloucester Street Portsea. Christopher died in 1867.


The eldest son of Christopher and Martha, James Fabian, first married Henrietta Ann Jamieson on 9.06.1842 at St Mary Portsea. They had one son, James Walter, born June 1843 in Portsea. Henrietta died when James Walter was three

James Walter was a shipwright. He married Mary Ann Blaik 18.04.1865 at St Mary Portsea. They produced six children.

Henrietta J birth registered September 1866 in Portsea
Alice Mary birth registered September 1868 in Portsea
Ellen Elizabeth birth registered September 1870 in Portsea
Joseph Blake birth registered December 1872 in Portsea
James Christopher birth registered December 1874 in Portsea
Richard Cobby born 31.08.1877 in Portsea

In 1871 James and Henrietta lived at 36 Wellington Road, Southsea, and in 1890 they were at 27 Claremont Terrace, Landport. James Walter died in 1890.

James Christopher, the second son of James Walter and Mary Ann, died in 1911 in Grimsby unmarried.

The eldest son of James Walter and Mary Ann, Joseph Blake married Ada Matthews at Portsea in 1893, they had four children:

William Joseph Blaik birth registered June 1895 in Portsea
Walter birth registered June 1899 in Portsea
Christopher birth registered September 1900 in Portsea
Percival birth registered June 1902 in Portsea

Christopher and Percival both died in childhood in 1904 and their father Joseph Blake also died in 1904. After their father’s death William Joseph Blaik and his brother Walter went to the naval orphanage in Commercial Road, Portsmouth. The orphanage later closed and they went to Swanage. William Joseph Blaik married Emma Dorothy Higgins in December 1920 at Portsmouth and they had two children, a boy Maurice born 1925 and died 1976 and a girl. Walter married Gladys Humphreys in 1928 and they had one son Raymond born 1931 died 1984.

Richard Cobby, the youngest son of James Walter and Mary Ann Blaik, was a riveter by 1901. Prior to this in July 1898 he had joined the navy, but was invalided out in November 1898 while serving on HMS Victory. His address in 1898 was 12 Ivy Street, Southsea. He married Annie Donaldson in Portsea 11.02.1901. They had three sons.

George A birth registered September 1901 in Portsmouth
James Walter birth registered September 1903 in Portsmouth
Richard birth registered March 1906 in Portsmouth

George, eldest son of Richard and Mary, married Doris Moffat in 1928 and had two children a boy and girl in East Preston, Sussex.

James Walter, second son of Richard and Mary, was a skilled labourer in the docks. He married Ellen Shaxon Stanbury on 12.11.1921 at St Margaret Eastney, Southampton and they had four children. Son Walter James and family emigrated to Australia around 1955 where all this branch of the family remains.

Richard, youngest son of Richard and Mary, married Jessie Barr in September 1926 in Portsmouth they had four daughters.


After Henrietta’s death James Fabian (see section f above) married Dianah Francis Jamieson in March 1953 in Portsea. They had

Matilda (b 1854)
Edwin Joseph (1856)
Henrietta Ann (b 1857)
Victoria Julia (b 1859)
Frederick George (b 1861)

Edwin died at birth while father James Fabian died in 1877 and Dianah died in 1884 all in Portsea.

The surviving son Frederick George married Annie Maria Macey in December 1884 and they had

Blanche Annie (b 1885)
Fabian William (1887)
Gladys Maud (b 1891)
Phyllis Ida (b 1893)
Frederick Clive (b 1895)
Christine Ettie (b 1897).

 Fabian married Lily Baker in 1916 and they had two girls. We have no record of Frederick Clive marrying.


Christopher Fabian’s second son George Robert (see section f above) was an accountant and solicitor. He married Sarah Isabella Emblin 13.1 1848 in Alverstoke. Sarah died with the birth of their last child in 1864, the baby also died. In December 1867 George Robert married a second time in Northwood, Isle of Wight to Sarah Perrin.

George Robert and his first wife Sarah Emblim had seven children all born in Portsea

George Sutton born 9 December 1848
Augustus Fabian birth registered March 1852
Sarah Ann Elizabeth Adela birth registered December 1853
Blanche birth registered June 1857
Herbert Hine birth registered March 1860
Annie Ada birth registered September 1862
Robert birth registered June 1864

The youngest son Robert died at birth. Augustus Fabian the second son died aged 25 in 1877, as far as we are aware without children. Herbert Hine the third son married Emma Watts in 1881 in Wangford, Essex. Herbert and Emma had three children Blanche Edith born 1889 and Alice Dora born in 1892 both in Maldon Essex and a son George Augustus born 27 March 1896 in Portsea. George Augustus attended St Jude’s school in Southsea and lived on the corner of Albany Road and the Thicket in Southsea. He was a tailor, draper and had a shop in Sommers Road, Portsmouth until it was bombed out in World War II. He also had a draper’s shop in Eastleigh, and ran a village shop. George Augustus married Dorothy Fryer in June 1919 and they had one daughter. After Dorothy died in 1942 George remarried in June 1943 to Elsie Emery. They had one daughter and one son.

George Robert and Sarah’s eldest son George Sutton initially followed his father, adopting a law career, but soon abandoned it in favour of the theatre. He made his first appearance on the stage at the Theatre Royal in Portsmouth in December 1865. He married an actress Isabella Maria Murdoch on 27.2.1871 at Hendon Co. Durham. George and Isabella had five children:

George Francis born 7.12.1871 in Sunderland
Henry Augustus Lionel (nick named Gussy) born 11.1.1873 in Newcastle upon Tyne
Kate birth registered March 1874 in Bradford Yorkshire
Henriette Louise (nick named Lulu) born 6 July 1875 in Portsea
Sutton Wallace (nick named Wally) born 7.03.1877 in Leicester

George and Kate both died as babies. George Sutton deserted Isabella and went to live with Alma Maria Saegent, an actress. He was divorced for adultery and desertion, with his wife, Isabella, given custody of the three children. On the 4.03.1884 he married Alma, at Fitzroy registry Office Melbourne Australia.

Henry Augustus Lionel died aged 20 in December 1893 at Lithgow New South Wales, Australia. As far as we know he was single and without children.

Henriette Louise is the mother of three children with the Titheradge name. Gerald Arthur born in 1896 in Wandsworth, Henry Lionel born and died in 1899 and Geoffrey born in 1899 (although we can’t find a birth record for Geoffrey). Geoffrey died in 1926 as far as we know a bachelor. Gerald Arthur married Alice Grantham in 1922 they had three boys and two girls. Gerald died in 1929.

George and Isabella’s third son Sutton Wallace also went out to Australia. Whether he went out on his own, or with his father, or to visit his father remains a mystery. In 1912 he was working as an assistant curator in a school of mines. Sutton married Helena Maude Moran at Ballarat Australia on 15.8.1898. They had two sons Waldemar born 15.11.1900 and Noel born 1904. Waldemar had two boys and three girls by his first wife Hilda Irene Tardy whom he married on 14.3.1928 and had a daughter by his second marriage. Noel married May Gwen Griffiths in 1933 and has two daughters.

Sutton also had another son Loyal Anthony born in 1911, who we believe was illegitimate. Loyal had three children two boys and a girl.

George Robert’s eldest son George Sutton was married twice and with his second wife Alma had eight children.

Lillian Theodora birth registered December 1877 in Richmond England
Evelyn Alma born about 1881in Australia
Sylvia born 1882 in Emerald Hill, Australia
Francis Mary born 4.03.1883 in Australia
Evelyn Gordon Neild born 31.5.1885 in Praham, Australia
Margaret Naomi (called Madge) born 02.07.1887     in Praham, Victoria, Australia
Alexandra Nina born 1888 in Moonee Ponds, Australia
Dion George born 30.03.1889 in Essendon, Australia

Lily Titheradge (b1877 d1937)

After his marriage George settled in Australia and worked in the Australian theatre. He died of cancer 22.1.1916 at Vancluse, Sydney.

George and Alma’s daughter, Madge Titheradge, was a famous actress. She played in the principal London Theatres as the leading lady. She developed a reputation as a dramatic, emotional actress. Her first marriage to Charles Quartermaine, an actor, was dissolved in 1928 and she married an American business man Edgar Park. She lived in Orchard Walls, The Street, Fetcham, Surrey and she died there 14.11.1961 aged 74.


George’s youngest son, Dion, was an officer in RFA and served on the Eastern front. Dion Dion Titheradge (b1889 d 1934) take during first world waralDion Titheradge (b1889 d1934)so made his career in the theatre, although he was an actor, he was also a skilled producer, but he is best known as a writer for stage, especially plays, revues, sketches and film scenarios. He married Margaret Bolton in Australia in 16 October 1909 and they had two children Peter Dion born 1910 and Margaret Diana born 1918. Dion married a second time to Anne Stewart (called Madge) in 1928. Dion died in 1934



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