Criminal Records

Criminals and family members who found themselves on the wrong side of the law.

This is a list of people who we know appeared before the courts in England in days when minor offences were harshly punished e.g. 7 years transportation for stealing a cheese.

The list comes from a combination of 4 sources
England & Wales, Criminal Registers, Hampshire 1791 to 1892
Calendar of Prisoners at Winchester Goal 1788 to 1847 (our thanks to Carol Medlicott of HGS for this information)
Proceedings of the Old Bailey
Winchester Consistory Court records (1700 to1958)

Joseph Titteridge of Basingstoke

Ann Titheridge
1771 at Winchester
Ann Titheridge of Basingstoke versus Ann Ricketts for Defamation at Winchester Consistory Court

Ann Titheridge aged 33, parish of Alresford
committed on March 15, for stealing four silver teaspoons property of James Shawford

Thomas Titheridge aged 28
1804 committed November 29
charged on the oaths of Sarah and Richard Goswin both of Alton, with having knowingly and designedly by false pretences obtained goods wares and merchandise the property of Sarah Goodwin of Alton
Sentence 6 calendar months imprisonment and hard labour

Thomas Titheridge parish of Alton
April 1807 Hampshire
Crime Larceny, sentence imprisonment 1 week

Thomas Titheridge aged 29
convicted of felony, sentence imprisoned one week then discharged

John Titheridge aged 50
charged with assault sentence 12 calendar months imprisonment

Richard Titheridge, aged 33 parish of New Alresford
Crime larceny, committed August 3rd 1819 on suspicion of felony in stealing, at New Alresford, on the 2nd day of August instant, two cheeses of the value ten shillings, the property of William Winter, yeoman.
Sentence 7 years transportation.”
(This is Dickey Dung Prong)

Wiliam Titherige aged 13,
1819 committed Dec 29 1819
for having stolen a quantity of turnips, the property of William Weeks of East Meon, whereby he was adjudged to pay the penalty of ten shillings, which he did not have.
sentence 124 days imprisonment
(William Titheridge from East Meon family tree)

Richard Titheridge, aged 38
1825 committed April 7 by J Duthy Esq for a misdemeanour
Sentence two calendar months imprisonment to hard labour
(Probably Dickey Dung Prong)

William Titheridge
Trial Apr 1826 Hampshire
Crime Larceny, sentence 6 weeks imprisonment

Elizabeth Titheridge (age 16 born about 1828) parish of Beauworth
14 Oct 1844 Hampshire charged with larceny on the 25 day of July last at the parish of Beauworth feloniously stolen a watch an other article, the property of James Carter
Crime larceny, sentence two months imprisonment to hard labour in the Bridewell

Robert Titheridge (age 36 born about 1811)
Trial 22 Oct 1847 at Portsmouth, Hampshire
Offence – Receiving stolen goods sentence imprisonment 12 months

Richard Titheradge
charge with using threatening language 6th Winchester Consistory Court. Sentence 5 to 6 months in county jail at Winchester

Elizabeth Titheridge
Trial 20 Oct 1854 Hampshire
Offence larceny found not guilty

Elizabeth Titheradge
Trial 22 October 1858 Portsmouth, Hampshire Quarter Session
Offence Larceny, Aquitted

Charlotte Titheridge
Trial 7 Apr 1862 City of Winchester Hampshire
Offence larceny, sentence 3 calendar months imprisonment

John Titheridge
30 Nov 1867 at Winchester, Hampshire
Offence Attempt to commit B. g. y. sentence 10 months hard labour

Matthew Titheridge
29 Jun 1874 Staffordshire
Offence larceny found not guilty

Alfred Titheridge
12 Oct 1877 at Portsmouth, Hampshire
Offence larceny in dwelling house above £5 2md charge larceny, sentence 8 months imprisonment

Albert Titheridge
10 Jul 1883 – Winchester, Hampshire
Offence Indecent assault found not guilty

Albert Titheridge
31 Dec 1883 Winchester, Hampshire
Offence housebreaking 2 convictions, sentence 3 months imprisonment for each conviction the second sentence to start at the end of the first

William Henry Titheridge
15 Oct 1883 Hampshire
Offence larceny and receiving, acquitted

George Titheridge
4 Jul 1891 Middlesex
Offence indecent assault, sentence 12 calendar months hard labour

James Titheridge
28 Jul 1892 at Winchester, Hampshire
Charge Unlawful wounding, acquitted

Alfred Henry Titheradge (age 27 born about1885)
11 June 1912 Old Bailey London
He pleaded guilty to stealing 136 postal packets. Sentenced to 9 months hard labour.
(for details of the case see the proceedings of the Old Bailey website)



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