Family Members of Special Interest

Madge Titheradge (b1887 d 1961)

Section 6

This section of the website tells you about some of the interesting members of the family. These vary from the famous to the notorious, from the rich to the poor, and includes stories of those who left a written legacy to those who suffered tragedy.

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Dicky Dung Prong Titheridge

George Stumps Titheridge, diarist

Edward Titheradge and the Bayswater Fire

George Sutton Titheradge, famous victorian actor

Madge Titheradge famous across early 20th century

Dion Titheradge famous actor and playwright

Other theatrical Titheradges

William Henry Titheridge, Diarist and Royal Navy Officer

The wealthy family members – Ricardus Tetridge of Avington

The wealthy family members – John Titheridge of Itchen Ferry

The wealthy family members – William Henry Walter Tytheridge

The wealthy family members – Joseph Titheridge of Winchester