About Ann and Mike Titheradge

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Welcome to our website.

We are Ann and Mike Titheradge and we live in Brighton, East Sussex, England. We both have degrees in Medical Biochemistry from the University of Birmingham and Mike also has a Ph. D. After leaving Birmingham we went to live and work in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA. We then returned to England to Brighton.

Mike previously worked as a senior lecturer in Biochemistry at the University of Sussex and Brighton and Sussex Medical School. He is currently Phase Leader in Brighton and Sussex Medical School.

We have three grown up children. Before the birth of the children Ann worked in the Pathology Laboratory at the local hospital and then returned to work as a school Data Manager. She is now retired.

Our hobbies include genealogy, gardening,  birds and wildlife, travelling and photography.




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3 thoughts on “About Ann and Mike Titheradge”

  1. My mother Jeannette Anne Titheridge died and was cremated in September 1999. We don’t know the whereabouts of her ashes, as her husband Peter Titheridge refused to allow us to have them. Maybe one day he’ll see this comment and allow us to know where she is.


    1. Her ashes are in the graveyard at lower slaughter in the cotswolds at peace at last.
      On the day I took the ashes over to Doris she went off on one so I decided to scatter the ashes without her help.


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