Population Study

It is hard to know how many people there are with the family name around the world or even within Great Britain.

We estimate that there were about 170 individuals with the family name in 1840 living in England and Wales. By looking at the number of births, deaths, male marriages, female marriages and emigrants we believe the population of family members steadily increased up to end of 1920s when we estimate that there were around 577 family members. Since then the figures have levelled off with probably around 600 individuals as shown in the graph below.

 Estimated Titheridges/ Titheradges/ Tytheridges/ Tidridges in the England and Wales each decade

Estimated population of family member in Britain per decadeNumber of family members on each census versus estimated population

Looking at the estimated population versus the number of individuals found on censuses it would appear to suggest that we have not found all the family members who are on the census or unknown individuals have emigrated.

Census Year Estimated population by calculation Number of individuals found on the census
(updated Feb 2019)
1841 170 158
1851 218 209
1861 248 241
1871 314 315
1881 361 353
1891 419 397
1901 467 445
1911 529 493



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