The wealthy family members – Joseph Titheridge of Winchester

Joseph Titheridge of Winchester
(1834 – 1891)

Winchester august 2011 Property in current day Parchment StreetJoseph Titheridge of 70 Parchment Street, Winchester was described as a gentleman who died 21 January 1891 leaving an estate £8795 10s 9d. We know of few more details of this man other than he was married to Emily Blackman and he was born in 1834 in Winchester son of Joseph Titheridge and Elizabeth Simpson. As far as we know he had no children. He lived in Winchester.

In 1891 census his widow Emma was living at 70 Parchment Street with her sister and niece
In 1881 census Joseph and Emma were living at 10a Parchment Street (Royal Hotel Tap) and his occupation was listed as inn servant
He was not found on the 1871 census
In 1861 census he was living at 23 Parchment Street with his wife and niece, occupation ostler
In 1851 census he was living at Upper Brook Street with his parent Joseph and Elizabeth and siblings Thomas aged 21 and William aged 11
In 1841 census he was living in Upper Brook Street with parents Joseph and Elizabeth and siblings Thomas and William. His father’s occupation was ostler his two older sibling Eliza aged 14 and Charles aged 20 were living at other addresses in Winchester

Looking at these census returns and occupations it is hard to know how he changed status from an “inn servant” in 1881 to a “gentleman” in 1891. We have found no record of any of his family dying at this time or his father in law dying and leaving him money so his wealth remains a mystery. £8795 was a considerable amount of money in 1891!



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