Our Direct Family Line

Our family name of Titheradge can be traced back eight generation to Daniel Tytheridge who married in Portsea, Hampshire in 1744. This is Mike’s direct line back to 1744

Daniel TYTHERIDGE, 6 times Great Grandfather
Spouse:   Rebecca BAKER, Married: 1744, Portsea, St Marys
John (1745-)
Daniel (1746-)
James (1748-1824)
Elizabeth (1751-)
Daniel (1754-)

James TYTHERIDGE, 5 times Great Grandfather
Birth:      1748, Portsea, St Marys
Death:    1824, Portsea
Spouse:  Mary FABIAN, Married: 1771, Portsea, St Marys
Mary (1772-)
Beckey Fabian (1778-)
James Fabian (1784-)
Elizabeth Fabian (1789-)
Lizzy (1791-)
Christopher Fabian (1792-1867)

James Fabian TITHERADGE, Great great great great Grandfather
Birth:       1784, Portsea, St Marys
Spouse:   Mary HEATRELL, Married: 1806, Portsmouth, St Thomas
Henry (1808-1857)
James Fabian (1809-1847)
Mary Heatrell (1812-1814)
Ann (1816-)
Joseph Fabian (1824-1872)

Henry TITHERADGE, Great great great Grandfather
Birth       1808, Portsea, St Marys
Death:    1857, Kensington, London
Spouse:  Eliza JENKINS, Married: 1828, Southampton, All Saints
Henry (1829-1836)
James (1830-before1871)
Edward Eatrill (1832-1874)
Sarah Ann (1834-)
William (1836-1837)
Mary Ann (1837-1839)
Eliza Jane (1840-)
John Thomas (1841-1845)
Lewish George (1842-1927)
Elizabeth Ann (1844-)

Edward Eatrill TITHERADGE, Great great Grandfather
Birth:       1832, Portsea, St Marys
Death:     1874, Kensington, London,
Spouse:   Eliza PETERS, Married: 1852, Paddington, St James, London
Emma Eliza (1852-1862)
Sarah Ann (1854-)
Henry John (1855-1915)
Annie Sophia (1857-)
Alfred (1859-1902)
Elizabeth Emma (1862-1869)
Emma Eliza (1864-1869)
Edward Heatrell (1866-1869)

Henry John TITHERADGE, Great Grandfather
Birth:      1855, Kensington, London
Death:     Sep 1915, Willesden, Middlesex
Spouse:   Louisa DENNIS, Married: 1875, Hampstead, St James, London
Edward Hetreal (1877-1942)
Annie (1879-)
Edith Maud (1881-)
Alfred Henry (1885-1956)
Nellie Eliza (1887-1957)
Florence (1890-)

Edward Hetreal TITHERADGE, Grandfather
Birth:      1877, Marylebone, London
Death:    28 Sep 1942, Whipps Cross, Essex SW
Spouse:  Rose Warding MOSS, Married: 1898, Kilburn, St John Evangelist, London
Harold Edward (1900-1965)
Francis Hetrell (1902-1951)
John Alfred Henry (1904-1953)
Herbert Owen (1906-1980)
Stanley (1908-1982)
Gladys Elsie (1913-)
Lawrence Ernest (1915-1951)
Doris Dora (1918-)
Eric Norman (1921-2000)

Eric Norman (known as Bob) TITHERADGE, Father
Birth:      1921, Walthamstow, Essex
Death:     2000, Kings Lynn
Spouse:  Beatrice Ellen POSTLE, Married: 1944, Morpeth, Northumberland
Robert Edward (1947-1993)
Michael Alan (-)




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