Swanmore in World War 1 by George Titheridge

These are the excerpts from Stump’s Diary that specifically mention the war.
George Titheridge’s diary from 1914 to 1918 reflect a very different view of the war, mixing the war with births marriages and deaths that happened in Swanmore during these 4 years.

Aug Sat 1st Soldiers at the Water works
Aug Wed 4th War declared with Germany
Sale of Houses in Corhampton Park for government use. General mobilization
Sat 19th Sep The soldiers camped in Swanmore Park
Sat 26 Sept D Knight came home a soldier.
Reg Emery married Eastleigh. War continues
Oct Wed 14th Alf Light left his wife and joined the army ambulance
Oct Sun 25th 83 Day of the War. Russian Victory Reported at Warsaw
Nov Sat 14th Lord Roberts, died in France
Nov Thur 26th The Bulwark blown up at Sheerness. 12 saved out of 800. C ? and J Barnes from Swanmore, and C Gunners’ s son Bps Waltham went down by her .
Dec Sun 6th 125 Day of the War
Dec Thur 10th Old Tom Earwaker died, Union age 73.
Three more cruisers sunk of the Germans
Dec Wed 16th German raid on Scarborough, Hartleport and Whitley 671 victims
Jan Fri 1st Still very wet. The loss of HMS Formidable with over 600 hands
Feb Sat 13th Solders came to HillPlae. Very Wet. The 6th Hants territorials
FebMon 22nd A fearful snow storm lasting all the afternoon and night. War continues.
Mar Thur 11th Soldiers went away from Hill Place to Scotland
July Sat 31st London Volunteers come to Swanmore
Aug Mon 16th National registration Act 1915
Aug Sat 28th William Boswell and wife visited Swanmore.
The war still continues
Sep Sat 18th George Titheridge Junior married Woolston.
Still war,
Oct Fri 22nd Fred ?Linter joined the Hants Reg
Nov Fri 5th Soldiers passed through Swanmore South Wales Borderers.
War continues. Wet
Dec Sat 11th Last day for recruiting. Wet and cold.
Jan Mon 24th Air Raid in Kent. War
Mar Sat 18th Bert Wood joined up. The war still continues.
Apr Wed 12th William Pink died upper Swanmore The Bungalow
Mr Clark’s daughter married Swanmore
War continues
May Wed 31st Great Naval Battle in the North Sea
Jun Tue 6th Lord Kitchener and staff sunk.
Jun Thur 8th Brother Harry died Ashton Bsp Waltham
Still War
July Fri 28th Bert Pink reported killed in action
Sep Wed 27th Adams Sale. Still War
Oct Fri 20th E Cook Called up. Still War
Oct Sat 28 Siss Abrams baby died Shorts Brickyard
War still continues
Nov Sun 12th Airplain wrecked near Hoe Farm
Dec Sat 9th Ella taken ill. war continues
Dec Sat 23rd Mr Gardner died Swanmore.
First of snow storms
War still continues
Jan Fri 19th A dreadful explosion inMunitions works East London Doing a lot of damage and loss of life. Snow storm
Feb Sun 4th A Heavy fall of Snow Still war
FebThur 22nd Hound met at Swanmore. Still War. Frost continues
April Thurs 19th Mrs Molyneux died Swanmore Farm. Beer /5 per pint, stout/8 per pint tobacco /7per ounce. Still war
April Sun 29 Bert Boswell reported missing
May Tue 22nd Mrs William Hall died Eastleigh. Still War
June Thur 7th Earnest Reeves reported killed in France
Jun Sat 9th Kit Paice married Swanmore.Still war
July Tue 3rd Vernon Emery comes home. Beer /6per pint. Still war
Sept Mon 17th Sugar tickets issued
Oct Sun 14th Scout parades Swanmore fore Targett who fellin France
Tea gone up to four shillings a pound
Dec Sat 22nd frost continues. Still war. Old Mrs Brirey died chase Road
Jan 1918 The price of food stuff
Bread 1shilling 6 pence per gallon
Bacon2 shillings 4 pence to 2 shillings6 pence per pound
Pork 2 shillings per lb
Cheese 1 shilling 4 pence to 1 shilling7 pence per lb
Butter fresh 2 shillings6 pence salt 2 shillings6 pence per lb
Tea 4 shillings per pound
Tobacco 6 pence per ounze to 8 pence
Eggs 4 shillings to 5 shillings per dozen
Beef and Mutton can’t buy
Rabbit wild 2 shillings each.
Matches 9 pence per dozen
Candles 1 shilling per pound
Onions 15 shillings per hundredweight. Still war
Apples 9 shillings to 12 shillings per bushel
Oil 2 shillings per gallon.
Jan Mon 14th Snow and rain Still war
Mar Thur 21st Air plain came down in Swanmore Park
Apr Wed 6th Mrs Beacher buried Still War
April Sat 14th F ragnell married Bps Waltham Meat Rations came out.
Meat and Butter rations came in Force.
June Sat 1 R Warren married Swanmore. Still war. A big battle on.
June 17 & 18th A sharp frost. 3 frosts damages.
W J pink joined up. Still war.
July Tues 30th. Violet Horner died. Still war
Aug Fri 16th Mr Arckell came home from France
AugTue 20th Tom Stules came home from Salonica after 3 years.
Sep Sun 1st My nephew J Boulton visited me from Staffordshire. Still war.
Sep Thur 12 J Boulton left for Southampton. Harvey and Arch Pink home. Still war.
Oct Fri 4th. Fred tirn came home on leave
Oct Fri 25 The flu epidemic raging. Still war
Sat 9th Nov Harry Ainstey and J Acton and E Tull came home from the front
Nov Mon 11th Peace Proclaimed. War stopped.