Migration Around England

Early Records

The earliest records show the family living in the Winchester area of Hampshire. Around 1539 there are records showing family members in Chilcomb and Avington. There is then a gap in the records and then more records appear in Avington in 1610 and 1635.

Migration Around Hampshire Villages

The map below shows the area around Winchester  with the towns marked which are important in Titheridge family history.

Map of winchester

New family groups appear at the following years in Hampshire towns and villages.

1644 Old Alresford.
1688 Stratfieldsaye, Kingsclere then Basingstoke
1663 Cheriton
1695 Kilmeston
1728 New Alresford.
1744 Portsmouth
1768 Itchen Ferry (now part of Southampton)
1803 Droxford
1805 East Meon
1806 Bishops Waltham
1809 Alverstoke
1810 West Tisted
1833 Winchester
1845 Hinton Ampner
1849 West Meon
1853 Swanmore
1863 Southampton

The map below shows the geography of migration. Most of the family movements are less than 10 miles, with the movement from Cheriton to Alverstoke 21 miles.


Migration to London

The family starts to move to London in the nineteenth century. The first Titheradges moved to London in 1836. Tytheridges moved from Hampshire to London in 1847. The first Titheridge family moved to London in 1860, closely followed by several other Titheridge families.

Migration Illustrated by Census Records 1841 – 1911

The census data below shows the number of family members per county at each census. You can clearly see the gradual migration from Hampshire in 1841 to Middlesex and London and also into Surrey and Essex. The tables also shows the increasing population of family members, which doubles in the 70 year period. (This data reflects our research data in February 2018)


The graph illustrates the percentage of the family in both Hampshire and London in the Censuses between 1841 and 1911, showing the percentage of the family in London increasing.

census migration

Popular Places of Residence 1841 – 1911

From the census data we can see the three most popular areas with family members at each census. This is shown below with the number of individuals present given in brackets. In all early censuses up to 1881 the Hampshire villages of Alverstoke and Droxford are always among the most popular places, while after 1871 Portsmouth is always among the most popular places.

Most popular location 1841: Winchester (19) / Alverstoke (18) / Droxford (14)
Most popular location 1851: Alverstole (27) / Droxford (20) / Bishops Waltham (18)
Most popular location 1861: Portsmouth (24) / Alverstoke (22) / Droxford (21)
Most popular location 1871: Alverstoke (34) / Droxford (26) / Portsmouth (21)
Most popular location 1881: Alverstoke (37) / Portsmouth (20) / Droxford (19)
Most popular location 1891: Alverstoke (29) / Portsmouth (26) / East Meon (19)
Most popular location 1901: Portsmouth (41) / Bishops Waltham (25) / Swanmore (20)
Most popular location 1911: Portsmouth (40) / Southampton (35) / Alverstoke (24)


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