Meaker in Newport Monmouthshire

Meaker is Ann’s maiden name. The Meaker family came from Newport, Gwent in South Wales (formerly known as Newport, Monmouthshire) and Ann’s direct Meaker line can be followed back to Bristol in 1814. The Meaker family were very prolific in Somerset at this time but the link to the Somerset Meakers has not yet been found. This was family history research was carried out by Ann’s brother Chris.

The direct line is

Graham Meaker and Irene Emily Westcott (born 1919 in Newport, died 2009 in Newport)
Henry William Thomas Meaker (born 1892 at Newport, died 1976 at Cwmbran) and Mabel Dorothy John (born 1894 at Newport, died 1986 at Newport)
Great Grandparents
Henry John Meaker (born 1863 at Newport, died 1939 at Newport) and Susan Fry (born 1865 and died 1950)
Great Great Grandparent
John Thomas Meaker (born 1840 at Newport, died 1919) and Sarah Jobbin (born 1840 and died 1925)
Great Great Great Grandparents
Thomas Aaron Meaker (born 1814 Bristol died 1891 in Newport) and Mary Ann Evans (born 1817 and died 1896)

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