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Explore our website to find out more about the family names of Titheradge, Titheridge, Tidridge, Tytheridge, Tutheridge, Teatheredge, Tedridge and other similar names. Explore over 475 years of family history.

We would like to learn more about the family names.  If you have one of these surnames or have a relative with one of these names, please contact us. Our aim is to gather together as much information as possible about the family history, so that this site is a reference point for people researching the names.

If you are able to tell us about your family tree, family stories or if you have any information about a family member, we would like to add this to our website.  Information about living individuals will not be shown on our website.  We would also like to build an on-line album of family photographs, particularly historical ones, and would be grateful to receive any images.

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This website was launched in March 2016 and is updated regularly,
last updated on 23 March 2021

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22 thoughts on “Home Page of Titheradge / Titheridge Family Website”

  1. Hi my name’s is Craig Titheridge from London, England.. Anybody with this variation please feel free to find me on Facebook and discuss connections through the years.

    Great grandad – William
    Grandad – Gordon

    Defo have family in Australia, Canada and possibly Thailand.


    1. Potential Canadian family tie here! I will try to add you to Facebook. My Grandmother Edith Titheridge moved to Canada from England.


    1. Hi Trevor. Thank you for visiting our website and we hope you found it interesting. We have corresponded with you grandfather for many years. He certainly has done a lot of research on the family name and he has a great family history website with lots of useful information.


  2. Such a consise and well researched Family Tree of the Titheridge/Titheradge names….my Dad has left me many pages of the history yourself and Mike have researched of Frederick Titheridge (of Droxford) who migrated to Australia – and later altered his name to TITHERADGE! I believe he to have been my great-grandfather. I have been looking at the MyHeritage web site to compile the history for my children and grand-children. Very new to this and now hitting 76 – any easier site I would be better looking at? I noticed the FB and your website and will check in there….I did notice Barbara (Qld.) was mentioned in your credits.Thank you both for the excellent work done.


    1. Thank you for your kind comments.

      I would recommend that to compile your family history you start by looking at the Family Tree pages of this website, it will only mention people born over a 100 years ago. My information is always evidence based but you may find other websites where information is guesswork and not backed up by appropriate records. Ideally you should always check the original records for yourself when possible.

      Your family tree can be traced back to John and Ann Quallat in Cheriton in the 17th century. Due to the size of the trees you will need to look at several trees which all join on to each other. They can be found at this link
      The trees you need to look at are
      Tree 1 A John Titheridge and Ann Quallat of Cheriton
      Tree 1H William Titheridge and Hannah Prior of Droxford
      Tree 1I Richard Titheridge and Mary Ann Lasham of Swanmore
      Tree 1J Frederick Titheridge / Titheradge and Martha Pritchard of Australia.

      You may also like to read about Frederick on my blog. The article of interest is found at this link

      It is always good to try to find out more about the individuals, so they become more than names with dates. I would recommend searching the newspapers. In Australia you are very luck to have a website called TROVE which enables you to search historic newspapers free of charge. The only difficulty is the many variations you might find of the surname due to the difficulty in spelling Titheradge!

      Good Luck with your research
      Ann and Mike


  3. Hi guys, a family member told me of this site. My name is Frederick bell and my great grandmother was Edith Florence titheridge. What a great site and very informative. Thank you for the hard work you have put into this


    1. hi
      My great great grandmother was Ann Tytheridge from Mitcham in Kent. She married my great grandfather William Rupert Bennett in 1841 in London. The couple emigrated to Melbourne in 1851.
      I am have been trying to trace the Tytheridge side of my family as all her descendants have Tytheridge in their name. My middle names are Anne Tytheridge
      The follows ng is information I have had researched in the UK

      Tytheridge Family
      John Tytheridge married Ann Sprules in 1816 at Christchurch with St Mary and St Stephen Spitalfields.
      Sprules is a Scottish name and the witnesses to the marriage were Mcgregors also a Scottish name. This probably means there is some Scottish connection to this side of the family. Anne was born in Mitcham at St Peter and St Paul, Surrey in 1786 her father was William Sprules.
      I can find no definitive birth record for John Tytheridge. There is a large Tytheridge Family group in Hampshire but I can find no definitive link to them.
      They had at least 2 children
      John born 1820?
      Anne born 1821
      In 1835 John was apprenticed to a patternmaker in the city of London. His Father John Tytheridge is said to be resident in Windsor in Berks.
      In the 1841 census john and Ann are living together at 139 the Minories St Botolph Aldgate John is a Tailor There is no mention of their parents. Ann then marries William Bennett later in 1841 with John being a witness.
      From 1844-48 tax records and directories have John still living in the Minories Portsoken ward. He is now trading as a tailor.

      I am keen for any information
      Rose Rae


      1. How wonderful that the Tytheridge surname is being carried on in the form of a Middle name.
        In early records of the family the surnames Titheridge and Tytheridge were interchangeable as spelling was poor. Most family members I have been able to fit on one of our family trees. Unfortunately this is one of the families I have been unable to identify and I don’t know where they came from. I am pretty certain they are NOT directly related to the Tytheridge group in Hampshire. I will check my records and get back to you if any additional information is available.


  4. Hi are u aware there is an Australian branch of Titheridge. I am thd grand daughter of James Bertram Titheridge and Eliza Tarrant and they arrived in Melbourne, Australia in 1919.
    I am interested in finding out more about this side of my family.


    1. Thank you for your comment . I did know that James Bertram and Eliza Titheridge moved to Australia in 1919, but I didn’t know that they had family in Australia. I have record of a son James born in 1920 in England but know nothing further about young James’s family or any other children born to James and Eliza. Perhaps you would be kind enough to email details of what happened to James and Eliza and their family once they arrived in Australia. (email address: titheradgegenealogy@gmail.com).

      I have a reasonable amount of information about the family which I will put together over the next few days and email to you. I can trace the family line back from London to Alverstoke, Hampshire to Winchester and back to Cheriton, Hampshire. Your grandfather, James, being the 6 times great grandson of John Titheridge and Ann Quallatt from Cheriton who married in 1663.

      There is at least one other family of Titheridges in Australia who settled in Ballaratt and are descended from Daniel Titheridge from Winchester. There are also several families of Titheradges in Australia descended from several different lines.

      In the meantime you may be interested in the family history blog full of Titheridge stories
      or the Family History Facebook group for anyone related to Titheridges etc.

      Will forward you some information soon.
      Kind Regards Ann Titheradge


  5. descendant from Geaorge and Sarah Emblin, my great great great grandârents through their daughter Emma Emblin who married Thomas Merit Hine
    Their son Harry Augustus Hine, married Maud KITT at portsea
    Their daughter Doris Eileen Hine my grandother married Robert Watson
    Their daughter Meriel Watson my mother, married Kinross Turner

    Response from Ann Titheradge
    Thank you for your information. This comment relates to Herbert Hine Titheradge born in 1859 in the Portsmouth area.
    An article written on our family history blog explains the link between the Hine surname and Titheradge surname. To find out more follow the link below.


  6. Just wanted to say thank you for all the time and effort people have obviously taken in researching and transcribing and for sharing it with us.

    Trudie Travers, great grand daughter of Elizabeth Harriet born 1867

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Hi Ann and Michael!
    I stumbled upon your website whilst researching my own family tree and it appears Ann and I are related. Kate France (grandmother to Ann) was sister to my great grandfather Richard, which makes Kate my great great aunt!
    Genealogy sites make this a very small world indeed.


    1. Thank you for your comment, I am very excited to be in contact with someone related to the France family from Runcorn. I will email you in the next day or so with the information I hold on the family and hopefully we will be able to exchange information about the family. Richard was my grandmother’s younger brother and although they lived miles apart they kept in touch. When I was young I remember Richard’s wife Gertrude visiting our family in Newport, I also remember one of Richard’s sons, Kenneth and his daughter visiting us.


      1. Ann, Ken was my grandmothers brother and we visited them regularly when I was very young, they were a very close family. I’m really looking forward to seeing any info you have on the family, I have only been able to get to Robert France I think!


  8. Thank you for your comment. The part of the Titheradge family related to George Sutton Titheradge are indeed very talented in the world of performing arts – glad to see the talented genes are being passed down to future generations.


  9. Really amazing to be able to view one’s ancestors in such detail! A big ‘thank you’ to Ann and Mike Titheradge for all their endeavours in this regard. My own connection with this ‘fab’ family line is through Blanche Titheradge, my grandmother. The Titheradge talents are very evident in my grandchildren – Simon has a degree in Music, and also composes; Rebecca, an actress plus being a qualified camera ‘wizz’ and Susanna, still at school and winning all the Drama prizes. She sings also, being with the school choir on their visit to Eton College this year to take part in the Choral Workshop. It is so providential to have discovered the family history, and I am most grateful to have now the certain knowledge of the ‘grandees’ gifts in theatre, etc. Thank you! Jean McGoverne


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