France in Runcorn Cheshire

France is the surname of Ann’s maternal grandmother, the family came from Runcorn in Cheshire and Ann’s grandmother Kate lived in this part of England until she married and moved to Wales in 1918.

The direct line is
Graham Meaker (born 1921 Newport) and Irene Emily Westcott (born 1919 Newport and died 2009 in Newport)
William Westcott ((born 1892 in Newport and died 1955 in Newport) and Kate France (born 1889 in Runcorn and died 1986 in Newport)
Great Grandparents
Charles France (born 1849 Halton Cheshire died 1913) and Elizabeth Brannon (born 1852 and died 1906)
Great Great Grandparents
Robert France (born 1824 Astley Lancashire and died in 1889 in Runcorn, Cheshire) and Elizabeth (Betty) Mann (born 1820 in Astley, Lancashire and died 1863 in Runcorn)

This is a very prolific family tree. Robert and Elizabeth had 8 children while son Charles and Elizabeth had nine children. Nearly all of Charles’ children married and had children so Charles had 27 grandchildren, plus even more great grandchildren, most of them residing around Runcorn and the north of England.

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