Family Maiden Names used as Christian Names

Use of Mother’s or Grandmother’s Maiden Name

One interesting feature, which has come to light, is that in the eighteenth and nineteenth century, families used to name their children after the mother’s or grandmother’s maiden name. This name was then often handed down for many generations, although in many cases the later owners of these unusual Christian names had no idea of their origin. These unusual Christian names have proved very useful in identifying family members and in constructing family trees.

Some examples of female surnames that later appear as Christian names in the Titheradge family are Hetrell, Fabian, Sutton and Blaik.

Hetrell from Mary Heathrell

Hetrell is a family name in Mike’s family line and one which we believe is almost unique. Before we started our research Mike knew it was a name given to the eldest male of each generation, but he had no idea why. We now know it has been in the family since 1812 and was the name of his great great great great grandmother whose name was Mary Heathrell or Heatrell, she married James Fabian Titheradge in 1806. Family members in the Titheradge tree with the name include:

Mary Heathrell Titheradge born 1812 daughter of James Fabian and Mary Heatrell
Edward Eatrill Titheradge 1832 – 1874 Mike’s Great great grandfather
Edward Heatrel Titheradge 1866 -1869 Son of Edward and Eliza who died in fire aged 3
Edward Hetrell Titheradge 1877 – 1942, Mike’s grandfather
Frances Hetrell Titheradge 1902 – 1951, Mike’s uncle
Living Hettrel Titheradge Mike’s cousin
Living Hetrell Titheradge our eldest son

It is interesting to note how the spelling changes from the original Heathrell

Fabian from Mary Fabian

Mary Fabian married James Titheradge in 1771 in Portsea, Hampshire, numerous of her descendants have been given the name Fabian. They include

  • Becky Fabian Titheradge born 1778
  • James Fabian Titheradge born 1784
  • Elizabeth Fabian Titheradge born 1789
  • Christopher Fabian Titheradge born 1792 – 1867
  • James Fabian Titheradge born 1809 – 1847
  • James Fabian Titheradge born 1816 – 1877
  • Joseph Fabian Titheradge born 1824 – 1872
  • Augustus Fabian Titheradge 1852 –1877
  • Fabian William Titheradge 1887 – 1966

Other Examples of the Use of Maiden Name

  • Elizabeth Ann Baird married William Henry Titheridge in 1848.
    Their descendants include Ernest James Baird Titheridge1890 –1955, Cecil Baird Titheridge 1900 – 1973
  • Lucy Ann Holdup married Robert Titheridge in 1808.
    Their descendants include Elizabeth Holdup Tytheridge born 1817 and Henry Burton Holdup Tytheridge 1847 – 1918
  • Frances Amelia Langford married Henry Burton Holdup Tytheridge in 1874.
    Their son was Cecil Walter Langford Tytheridge 1875 -1947 and their granddaughter Joan Langford Tytheridge 1907 -1908
  • Mary Elizabeth Cardin married Cecil Walter Langford Tytheridge in 1901.
    Their son was Gordon Cardin Tytheridge 1902 – 1960
  • Martha Sutton married Christopher Fabian Titheradge in 1813
    Their grandson was George Sutton Titheradge 1848 – 1916
    Their great grandson was Sutton Wallace Titheradge born 1877
  • Ann Cranston married William Titheridge 1761
    Their grandson is Richard Cranston Titheridge 1788 – 1834
  • Ann Cullimore married Harry Tidridge 1862
    Their son was George Cullimore Tidridge 1869 – 1941
  • Sophia Stockwell married Thomas Titheridge 1879
    Their children were Sylvia Winifred Stockwell Titheridge born 1879 and Charles Stockwell Titheridge 1882 – 1937

Other surnames used as Christian names include Pasfield, Peckham, Clifford, Innell and Springate.

Use of Titheradge etc. as a Christian Name

Searches have found several examples of Titheridge, Titheradge and Tytheridge being used as a Christian name.

  • Christopher Titheradge Brine Born 1870 in Portsea Island
  • James Titheradge Clay Born 1893 in Portsea Island
  • Frank Titheradge Hill Born 1850 in Portsea Island
  • Leslie Titheradge Hine Born 1888 in Portsea Island
  • Mildred Titheradge Watts Born 1886 in Wangford
  • Phyllis Titheradge Watts Born 1906 in Colchester
  • George Titheridge Ashton Born 1844 in Winchester
  • Alice Titheridge Ford Born 1871 in Droxford
  • Esther Ann Tytheridge Kemp Born 1864 in Lewisham
  • Edward Titheridge Emery Born 1903
  • Phyllis Titheradge Hayward Born 1906 in Colchester
  • Mary R Titheradge Gras Hovel Born 1910 died 2002 in Philadelphia, USA
  • Albert Edward Titheridge Allen Born 1878 in Bootle, Liverpool
  • Herbert Titheradge Hine Married 1884 in Portsea Island
  • Frederick William Tytheridge Bennett Married 1911 in Tasmania
  • Harry Tidridge Kerr born 1929 died 2009 in Christchurch New Zealand

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