Migration Around the World

Migration around the World

The surnames Titheridge / Titheradge / Tidridge / Tytheridge had their origins in England.  However in the 19th and 20th Century individuals started emigrating to countries around the world in the hope of finding a better life for themselves and their family.  This has resulted in the name being spread around the world.

I have produced a list of male family members I know have emigrated and settled around the world.  Some of these individuals settled and produced large family groups in their new country; others have no surviving children with the family name; others returned home deciding life abroad was not for them and others died young in the harsh conditions of their new country.

The list is not complete and we are sure we have missed some emigrants.  In the interest of privacy we have only listed the families where the person who emigrated was born before 1916. If you know some family member who ventured abroad and is not on the list please share you knowledge as a comment, or in an email to titheradgegenealogy@gmail.com

While most family members still reside in England there are many groups scattered around the world.  Our records in other countries are not as extensive as England but we know that today you can find the following groups –  Titheridges in Australia, New Zealand and Canada; Titheradges in Australia; Tidridges in USA and Canada: Tytheridges in South Africa; Tutheridges in New Zealand and Titherages in USA.  These are the individuals and countries we know about but we are sure there are others who we are not aware of.  Many of these family groups have grown from just one or two individual who have emigrated

Countries where family members emigrated


Below are listed the individuals who have emigrated to the different countries. Many of the individuals have been written about in the Blog, please follow the links below to find out more about their stories.


  • Alfred Titheridge born in 1833 In Winchester, Hampshire; emigrated to Australia about 1854 )(See blog for more details)
  • Henry Titheridge born in in 1836 in Winchester, Hampshire; emigrated to Australia in 1856 (See blog for more details)
  • Robert Titheridge born in 1839 in Winchester, Hampshire; emigrated to Australia in 1856 (See blog for more details)
  • Frederick Titheridge (later called Titheradge) born 1842 in Droxford, Hampshire; emigrated to Australia (see Blog for more details)
  • George Sutton Titheradge (and second wife) born in 1848 in Portsmouth, Hampshire; emigrated to Australia about 1878
  • Daniel Pitt Titheridge born in 1850 in Winchester, Hampshire; emigrated to Australia in 1870 ((see Blog for more details)
  • Henry Augustus Lionel Titheradge born in 1873 in Newcastle, emigrated to Australia about1891
  • Sutton Wallace Titheradge born in 1877 in Leicester; emigrated to Australia about 1898
  • James Berte Titheridge born in 1890 in St Olave, London; emigrated to Australia at an unknown date before 1970
  • Jack George Ralph Titheridge born in 1895 in Portsmouth; emigrated to Australia some time before 1957

New Zealand

  • James Titheridge born in 1840 in East Meon, Hampshire; emigrated to New Zealand in 1874 (see Blog for more details)
  • Walter Robert Tytheridge born in 1849 in Kensington, London; emigrated to New Zealand1904
  • Albert Edward born in 1910 Alverstoke, Hampshire; emigrated to New Zealand in 1926*** (See Blog for more details)
  • Kenneth Edwin Titheridge born in 1912 in Alverstoke, Hampshire; emigrated to New Zealand in 1928*** (See Blog for more detatils)


  • James Titheridge (later called Titherage) born in 1844 in Kilmeston, Hampshire; emigrated to Canada about 1881, later the family moved to USA (see Blog for more details)
  • Ainslie Burton Tytheridge born in 1878 in Richmond, Surrey; emigrated to Canada about 1900s
  • John Harry Tidridge born in Ireland in 1883; emigrated to Canada in 1919, later some of the family moved to USA
  • William Edward Titheridge born 1884 in Hartley Witney, Hampshire; emigrated to Canada before 1930

South Africa

  • John Tytheridge born in 1849 in Kent; emigrated to South Africa in 1882 (see Blog for more details)
  • Arthur Earnest Titheridge born 1869 in Stoke Newington, London; emigrated to South Africa about 1891
  • Eric George Titheradge born 1898 in Paddington, London; emigrated to South Africa in 1947


  • James Fabian Titheradge born 1809 in Portsmouth, Hampshire; emigrated to USA about 1838*** (See Blog for more details)
  • Alfred Titheradge born in 1859 Paddington, London; emigrated to USA 1887*** (See Blog for more details)
  • Joseph Tytheridge born in 1868 in Chislehurst, Kent; emigrated to USA about 1895 (See Blog for more details)      More information is also available at at this link
  • Alfred William Tidridge born in 1871 in Millbrook , Hampshire; emigrated to USA about 1890s

Other Countries

  • William Tidridge born in 1845 in Bishops Waltham, Hampshire; emigrated to Ireland about 1882 (see Blog for more details)
  • Alan Courtney Tytheridge born in 1889 in Epson, Surrey; moved to New Zealand with family then emigrated to Fiji in 1914 and later Japan

Please help us fill in the gaps with missing names, information and pictures so that our picture of family migration around the world can be complete.

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