Latest Updates on this Website


Latest change to the website

Wednesday 7 March 2018

Added a “Most Wanted” section  listing bits of information we are searching for.

Minor corrections to Family Tree 1B

Previous changes

Tuesday 6 March 2018: Section 5: Family Trees. Family Tree for Cheriton (1663 individuals) added and an index to people on all the trees.

Thursday 1 March 2018: Section 5: Family Trees Update to pages. Some family trees added to site

Tuesday 20 February 2018: Section 4: Migration around England –
rewritten with maps, table and graph added

Thursday 15 February 2018: Minor updates and changes to Sections 1 to 4 including adding pictures of Southampton and Portsmouth

Monday 12 October 2016 :  Places Associated with the family:  Migration of the family around the world New links added to blog

Monday 2 October 2016 – Places Associated with the family:  Migration of the family around the world

Monday 2 May 2016 – Add list of Articles that appear on blog

Monday 28 March 2016  – Updated content on Obituary Page

Sunday 27 March – All hyperlinks checked and updated where needed.
New content on War Memorials section for Portsmouth and Shedfield War Memorials.  New page added on Distribution of the family name

Monday 7 March – Photogallery section completed

Wednesday 2 March 2016 – Lots of pictures added to the site and new content to the Gravestone Page.

Friday 26 February 2016– Formatting mostly completed and Births Marriages and Deaths added in PDF format.

Saturday 20th February  2016 – All content added to the website some formatting and all pictures still to be added.

Saturday 13th February 2016 – Trial version of WordPress website began.