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There is a Facebook group for all individuals related to the family name (This includes Titheridge, Titheradge, Tidridge, Tytheridge, Titherage, Tedridge, Teatheredge, Tutheridge and all other variants).  At present we have 67 members.

If you are interested follow the link below and request to become a member of the group.

Family History Blog

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There is Family History BlogSpot which records snippets of information about people, places and thing related to the family name. It is updated on a weekly basis and has been going since November 2014.  Your comments are welcome on the stories published. If you are interested please follow the link below – You never know what you’ll learn about your ancestors.

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This is a list of  articles publish on the Blog spot up to September 2018

Title of Blog
Date Published   Link

Titheridge Cousins
21/4/2019         Click here

James Titheridge – From Kilmeston to Kew
14/4/2019         Click here

1919 – A Year in Review
06/01/2019         Click here

Remembering Those who served in World War
11/11/2018          Click here

Lambs to the Slaughter – a view of WW! By Private Edward Tidridge
27/10,2018         Click here

World War 1 Conscription and Conscientious Objectors
9/10/2018          Click here

Smallpox and the Death of Joshua Titheridge
11/9/2018           Click here

Francis Titheridge 1854 – 1941 (Part 2 covering 1901 to 1941)
2/9/2018             Click here

Francis Titheridge 1854 – 1941 (Part 1 covering 1854 to 1897)
26/8/2018           Click here

Are You Related to Alfred George Titheridge 1880 – 1919
20/8/2018           Click here

30 Years of Family History Research
11/8/2018           Click here

Beautiful Northumberland and the Titheridge /Titheradge Name
24/6/2018     Click here

East Tisted Church War Memorial
12/6/2018           Click here

In Memory of Walter Titheridge who died in World War 1
11/5/2018           Click here

Death in the Harvest Field – Mabel Titheridge 1888-1889
2/5/2018             Click here

In Memory of James Francis Charles Titheridge (1897-1918)
14/4/2018           Click here

Proclamation of Queen Victoria as Empress of India1877
7/4/2018             Click here

Letter from George
26/3/2018           Click here

Titheridge Surname in the Poor Law Union Gazette
10/3/2018           Click here

The Birth of a New Surname Variation – Tedridge
17/2/2018           Click here

A Tidridge Wedding
3/2/2018             Click here

Lieutenant Commander Benjamin Titheridge (1857-1918)
23/1/2018           Click here

Tuberculosis a Common Cause of Death
15/1/2018           Click here

William Titheradge Trade Unionist and Labour Councillor
6/1/2018             Click here

The Unusual Use of Surnames in Two Cousins
7/12/2017           Click here

St Patrick’s Cathedral New York
28/11/2017         Click here

John Tytheridge’s Journey from Kent to South Africa
21/11/2017         Click here

Early Titheridge records from Hereford – January 1628
18/10/2017         Click here

Titteridge and Titeridge – extinct surnames?
13/10/2017         Click here

Tough Justice for William Titheridge
10/09/2017         Click here

The Tidridge Family of Cork
31/08/2017         Click here

1935 Wedding of Violet Gwenda Titheridge
19/08/2017         Click here

Ernest Alfred Tidridge died 4 August 1917 – “Lest we forget”
04/08/2017         Click here

Joseph Titheridge 31 July 1917 “He died for Freedom & Honor”
31/07/2017         Click here

Ann Titheradge – Stage Name
21/07/2017         Click here

Madge Titheradge on Film
10/07/2017         Click here

In Memory of Arthur Robert Titheradge Ypres 9 June 1917
09/06/2017         Click here

From Titheridge to Titherage; from Hampshire to USA
05/06/2017         Click here

Titheridge family of St Tudy
27/05/2017         Click here

Christmas in Waltham Chase with the Titheridges
24/12/2016         Click here

Eglingham War Memorial
05/12/2016         Click here

From Swanmore to Australia and Titheridge to Titheradge
13/11/2016         Click here

A Voyage from East Meon to a New Life in New Zealand
01/11/2016         Click here

Daniel Titheridge’s journey from Winchester to Australia
19/10/2016         Click here

Henry & Robert Titheridge’s journey to Ballarat 1856
12/10/2016         Click here

Alfred Titheridge’s Journey, Winchester to Melbourne in 1854
02/10/2016         Click here

From England to the World
25/09/2016         Click here

“And her mother came too”
19/09/2016         Click here

The Family Name
11/09/2016         Click here

The Brave Hussar – Part 2
07/09/2016         Click here

Titheradge Graves in Kingston Cemetery, Portsmouth
25/06/2016         Click here

A. Titheridge Artist
11/06/2016         Click here

In Memory of George and William Titheridge, Battle of Jutland
31/05/2016         Click here

Our Talented Family Members
24/05/2016         Click here

Tragedy for James Titheridge and Lily Bess Hand
15/05/2016         Click here

A Family Tragedy for Arthur and Ada Titheridge
09/05/2016         Click here

Infant Mortality and Life Expectancy
03/05/2016         Click here

Maria Titheridge of Cheriton and the Missing Baptism Record
06/04/2016         Click here

Titheridge Tragedies as a Result of Alcohol Excess
27/03/2016         Click here

Imperial Service Medal for Albert Titheridge – Cornish Customs Officer
13/03/2016         Click here

New Titheradge / Titheridge Family History Website
09/03/2016         Click here

William Henry Tetheridge – The Brave Hussar
23/02/2016         Click here

Last Will and Testament of Ann Titheridge in 1730
07/02/2016         Click here

Wordless Wednesday 12 – Old Alresford
06/02/2016         Click here

15 Titheridge children
27/01/2016         Click here

400 years of Titheridges
08/01/2016         Click here

Wordless Wednesday 11 – Alverstoke home of many Titheridges
23/12/2015         Click here

Family Bibles
21/12/2015         Click here

Wordless Wednesday 10 – James Walter Titheradge from Portsmouth
02/12/2015         Click here

Inquest into the Death of William Tidridge in 1873
28/11/2015         Click here

Wordless Wednesday 9 – In memory of Cissie
26/11/2015         Click here

Wordless Wednesday 8 – Robert Arthur Titheradge
18/11/2015         Click here

The 1939 Register
16/11/2015         Click here

Wordless Wednesday 7 – Shedfield Hampshire
11/11/2015         Click here

Rembering those family members who died in World War 2
08/11/2015         Click here

Wordless Wednesday 6 – Portsmouth Naval Memorial
04/11/2015         Click here

From Titheridge to Titheradge
01/11/2015         Click here

Wordless Wednesday 5 H. B. H. Tytheridge
01/11/2015         Click here

Innocent of Manslaughter
15/10/2015         Click here

Wordless Wednesday 4 Tidridges of Winchester
14/10/2015         Click here

Wordless Wednesday 3 George and Georgina Titheridge
07/10/2015         Click here

Golden weddings anniversaries – diamond weddings anniversaries
04/10/2015         Click here

Wordless Wednesday 2 Titheradge boys
30/09/2015         Click here

In Memory of Alfred James Titheridge (1894 – 1915)
25/09/2015         Click here

Wordless Wednesday 1 Cheriton
23/09/2015         Click here

Peter Dion Titheradge BBC Radio Producer
18/09/2015         Click here

Joseph Titheradge’s family – a journey from Portsmouth to Texas
08/09/2015         Click here

Old Magnolia Cemetery – a most unusual cemetery
25/08/2015         Click here

Can you identify this mystery family member?
12/07/2015         Click here

Motoring Offence – Edwardian Style
13/06/2015         Click here

In Memory of James Henry Titheridge 1892 – 1915
02/06/2015         Click here

Reginald Titheridge aged 99 – was he the oldest family member?
29/05/2015         Click here

John Titheridge of West Tisted- the First Nonogenarian
19/05/2015         Click here

100 Years Ago Today – The Sinking of the HMS Maori
07/05/2015         Click here

Fareham Cemetery – X marks the spot
05/05/2015         Click here

The Victorian Railways – a dangerous place to work
26/04/2015         Click here

Titheridge Titheradge etc. and the Internet
12/04/2015         Click here

The Murder which took nearly 40 years to solve
04/04/2015         Click here

How many individuals with the family surname are there?
24/03/2015         Click here

Charles Henry Titheridge 1845 -1885, Shocking Occurrence, Fareham
13/03/2015         Click here

Some Unusual Occupations
08/03/2015         Click here

Controversial Inquest into the Death of Ida Titheridge in 1882
28/02/2015         Click here

Rev Joseph Anthony Tytheridge (1896 – 1952) – The Catholic Priest
20/02/2015         Click here

Alfred Titheradge 1859 – 1902 our mysterious ancestor
02/02/2015         Click here

“Stumps” Titheridge’s Diary
21/01/2015         Click here

Blog Contributors Wanted.
11/01/2015         Click here

Alfred George Titheridge (1864 – 1916) The Unfortunate Gamekeeper
06/01/2015         Click here

Victorian Newspaper Article – Maintenance of a Child
01/01/2015         Click here

Christmas Weddings
27/12/2014         Click here

Accidental Death of Henry Lewis Titheridge
16/12/2014         Click here

The Flock House Boys (Albert and Kenneth Titheridge)
15/12/2014         Click here

In Memory of Arthur Charles Titheridge 1883 – 1914
08/12/2014         Click here

The Sad Tale of Gertrude Titheridge
06/12/2014         Click here

Place Names with the family name
30/11/2014         Click here

Theatre Programme 1934
23/11/2014         Click here

Madge Titheradge – the most famous family member
21/11/2014         Click here

Searching for surviving relatives of Arthur Charles Titheridge
15/11/2014         Click here

World War I – War Dead
11/11/2014         Click here

Surname variations
10/11/2014         Click here

First Post
13/02/2013         Click here