George Stumps Titheridge, diarist

George Titheradge nickamed "Stumps" (b1853 d 1938)

George Titheridge was born in Swanmore, Hampshire on 5 April 1853 and died there at the age of 84 in 1938. Throughout his life he kept a diary, the first entry was April 1860 (although there is a nine year gap before the next entry) and the last entry is February 1937. The diary lists everyday happenings in the village of Swanmore such as births, marriages and deaths and other everyday incidents from crimes, the weather and occasional reference to the world events.

George was descended from John Titheridge and Anne Quallat who married in Cheriton, Hampshire in 1663, these were his 6 times great grandparents. George’s grandfather, William born 1772 in Cheriton, was responsible for moving the family from Cheriton to the Droxford area. William Titheridge married Hannah Prior and moved to Droxford where they began their family of six children in 1803. Three of the sons went on to have families John had twelve children, Richard had nine children and James five children most families living in or around Droxford, Swanmore or Bishops Waltham.

George was the youngest child of Richard Titheridge (above) and Mary Ann Lasham. Richard and Mary Ann married in 1831 in West Meon and then settled in Droxford and finally moved to Swanmore near Droxford in 1848. They had nine children

Mary Ann born1832 died 1919 married George Millard in 1850
William born 1835 died 1917 married Sarah Keeling 1857 they had 9 children at Swanmore
Henry Ashton born 1837 died 1916 married Eliza Jarvis they had 6 children at Twyford and Bishops Waltham
Richard Ashton born 1839 died 1920 married Henrietta Cawte in 1865 they had 10 children at Bishops Waltham
Frederick born 1842 died 1914 emigrated to Australia (spelt his surname Titheradge) married Martha Pritchard in 1881 in Australia they had 10 children in New South Wales Australia
Anna Maria born 1845 married Robert Arnold in 1865
Emma born 1848 died 1902 married Charles Boswell in 1868
Eliza born 1850 died 1906 married Charles Boulton in 1868
George born 1853 died 1938 bachelor

George did not marry and had no children. The rest of the siblings had large families. George had 35 nieces and nephews who were born with the Titheridge surname in Droxford area. The Titheridge family name was well represented in the Droxford, Swanmore, Bishops Waltham area. As well as the above mentioned nieces and nephews George had 17 first cousins with the Titheridge surname. There are of course further generations of great nieces and nephews and second cousins!

George’s nickname was “Stumps” Titheridge. On the census he is reported as being crippled from birth but other reports say that he fell off a gate as a small child. He always walked with crutches.

George lived in Swanmore, Hampshire throughout his life as seen from the censuses

1861 living in Swanmore with parents Richard and Mary and siblings Richard Emma and Eliza
1871 living in Swanmore with parents Richard and Mary and Clara aged 5 (sister Emma’s child) Richard is an agricultural labourer and George is labelled as “cripple”
1881 living in Swanmore with father Richard a widow and agricultural labourer, listed as no occupation and marked as a “cripple”. Living next to Brother William and Sarah with their children Harry Kate Alice Arthur and Charles
1891 living in Swanmore, Hampton Hill Road, living on own, occupation cripple from birth. Living next to next to brother William and Sarah and children Harry Kate Arthur Charles
1901 Living Swanmore aged 47 single on parish relief living next to brother William with Harry and Georgina
1911 on own in 4 roomed house, aged 58 single nil occupation receiving parish relief

George Stumps Titheridge in the Swanmore Cricket team 1907 - George middle row far right

Swanmore, where George lived, was a small rural village 2.5miles from Droxford. Even by 1901 the population of the village was only 900 inhabitants. Life was fairly primitive even in the 20th century with mains water only being available after 1903 and gas and electricity not arriving in the village until 1930s. (in George’s diary on 10th March 1933 he reports “Mr Franks has electric light put in” and on 25th March 1933 he wrote “The lamp lighted for the first time at the cross roads”. The nearest train station was in nearby Droxford and that was built as part of a new line in 1903. In his diary George recorded on 1st June 1903 “The new railway opened Meon Valley”. The village had village cricket team and George is pictured with the team on two occasions, since he used crutches we are not sure what his role was within the team. During his life he kept a diary from 1860 –1937, a copy of which is now in the Winchester Record Office. A sample page is shown below. George’s diary mentions the birth marriage death of so many individuals from Swanmore as well as those of his many relatives and we have just reproduced below the extracts relating to the direct family name.

image007We would like to thank Pam Evans and Barry Stokes from Swanmore for sharing the information about the diary with us.

A transcript of the diary showing  all the entries related to Titheridge can be viewed in this pdf.

PDF   Stumps’ diary



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