List of Navy personnel

These are notes giving the information we have on individuals known to have served in the Navy at any point. Portsmouth was the home of a large naval base and this is reflected in the large number of sailors in our family trees coming from Portsmouth (formerly called Portsea) and neighbouring Alverstoke and Gosport.

Please send us any additional information if you know any further details. 

Notes on family members who served with the Merchant Navy

Arthur Charles Titheridge
Arthur was born 4 August 1920 in Marchwood, Hampshire son of Albert and Florence Titheridge of Hythe Hampshire. He was a sailor in the merchant navy who died 21 September 1941. He served on SS Vancouver a British Steam tanker. In September 1941 she was transporting gasoline when she hit a mine. She caught on fire and burned for days because she could not be approached. Arthur was among the 34 crew and six gunners who died. He is remembered on the Tower Hill Memorial in London, on Panel 113. His name also appears on the Dibden War Memorial.

Arthur George Titheridge
Arthur was born 1907 in Gosport Hampshire he is the son of Arthur Charles and Bertha Titheridge. We have found a record of him as a crew member on the transatlantic ship “Alpine Range” in 1922

Benjamin James Titheridge
Service number 208426.
He was born 25 October 1884 at Gosport, Hampshire the son of Benjamin and Louisa Titheridge. Between 1904 and 1912 he served on HMS Vengeance, Excellent, Cressy, Victory, Powerful, Hesla.
In Second World War he was chief petty officer on HMS Collingwood

Harry Percival Titheridge
He was born 8 May 1899 in Gosport Hampshire son of Benjamin and Louisa Titheridge. He married Edna West and died at Stockport in 1970,

Henry Alex Titheridge
Henry was born in 1914 in Alverstoke. He is the son of Albert Edward and Edith Margaret Titheridge. He did not serve long in the Navy as in 1934 he joined the Grenadier Guards

John Titheridge
Of Itchen Hampshire (date unknown)

John Titheridge
Of Petersfield Hampshire (date unknown)

Joseph Titheridge
Of Itchen Hampshire (date Unknown

Philip Errol Titheridge
Philip was born 1917 in Gosport, Hampshire son of Benjamin James and Eva Agnes Titheridge.

Reginald Frank Titheridge
Reginald was born 1892 in Eastleigh, Southampton, Hampshire son of James and Lilly Bess Titheridge. He married Violet Burton in 1919.

Richard Titheridge
Born 1841 place unknown

William Henry Titheridge
Williams was born 1920 in Newport Monmouthshire the son of William Henry and Agnes Titheridge. He was married twice.

Walter Sidney Tidridge
Walter was born 13 August 1905 in South Stoneham, Southampton, Hampshire son of Harry John and Emma Louise Tidridge. He died 22 September 1990. In 1933 he married Frances Ethel Clark.


Notes on family members who served in Royal Navy

Albert Titheridge
Albert was born 1885 in East Meon, Hampshire son of Charles and Ann Titheridge He married Florence Huey Rose Cox. He died in 1946 in New Forest.

Albert J H Titheridge
Service number 122825
Born Devonport, Devon on 12 December 1865

Arthur Horace John Titheridge
Service number 224993, served in World War 1, rank of Gunner.
He was born 24 September Alverstoke son of Benjamin and Louisa Titheridge.
He married Celia Kate Walker in 1910. He died at Ealing in 1963.

Benjamin Titheridge
Service number 53111
Born Alverstoke, Hampshire on 26 June 1857 son of William Henry and Elizabeth Titheridge. He died 23 January 1918. In 1882 he married Louisa Pope and later he married Lizzie Phillips.
Records show the following
In 1881 census Benjamin is a leading seaman on royal navy vessel
In 1881 seaman gunner on Wolverene
In 1883 Benjamin is a Petty Officer
In 1885 he is a Warrant Gunner on “St Vincent”
In 1886 Benjamin is described as a Warrant Office living in Stoke Road
In 1887 he is a gunner on Craysfoot
In 1891 census he is described as a gunner in the Royal Navy
In 1895 gunner aboard Orlando
In 1899 Benjamin is a Gunner living at 38 Prince Alfred St
In 1901 he is a gunner on Trafalgar
In 1901 he is gunner on HM yacht Osborne
In 1904 he is chief gunner on HM yacht Osborne
In 1908 he is chief gunner on HM yacht Alexandra
In 1909 promoted to Lieutenant
In 1909 he was made a member of the Royal Victorian Order. The Royal Victorian medal was presented by Edward seventh.
In 1912/13 he moved to Obelisk Road in Woolston
In 1914 he is Lieutenant at Dartmouth Naval College
In 1914 he reached retiring age on 1 August 1914 on with an income or £189 per year
In 1918 he is Lieutenant Commander at Dartmouth Naval Collegehe ws based on HMS Pomone which was used as a training ship at Dartmoputh.

From the war Graves Commission we learn

Benjamin Titheridge, Lieutenant-Commander HMS Pomone, Royal Navy who died Wednesday 23rd January 1918 husband of Lizzie Rebecca Titheridge of 115 Obelisk Road, Woolston, Southampton Burial at Gosport (Ann’s Hill)Cemetery Plot 31a 113. He died aged 60 after developing pneumonia.

Cecil Baird Titheridge
Navy Commander Service number J43911

Cecil was born 4 February 1900 at Portsmouth son of John and Amelia Maud Titheridge. In 1924 he married Mary Sneddon in Hendon. He died in 1973 in Gosport.

Cecil joined the Nay at 14 and was in both world wars. He is known to have served on the Diana and HMS Hood but not when it went down. In 1941 Cecil was serving on HMS Dunedin. The Dunedin left England on 8 April 1941 and went to the South Atlantic. On 24 November 1941 The Dunedin was in central Atlantic north east of Brazil when it was hit by two torpedoes fired from a German U boat. It sank within 17 minutes. The survivors spent 78 hours on floats during which time many died from their injuries and exhaustion. They were finally rescued on 27 November. Cecil was one of 67 survivors from the 486 men on HMS Dunedin. According to the Watson Report “he behaved with great coolness, courage and confidence throughout the period on the raft. His steadiness and clear headedness were invaluable and undoubtedly gave confidence to the men”. For details of the Dunedin disaster and a picture of Cecil visit

After the war Cecil was in the Civil Service and he visited Russia and China. His worked was described as “secret”.

Charles Titheridge
Born Swanmore December 1844
Enlisted 11 December 1860

Charles Titheridge
Service number 78912
Born West Meon, Hampshire on 12 July 1849

Ernest Teatheredge
Ernest was born 29 June 1899 in Bermondsey, London son of Alice Maud Tetheridge. He married Hilda Violet Broom in 1924 in Tendring, Essex. Ernest is recorded as being a seaman in the Royal Navy on HMS Dragonin in1924. He went to HMS Ganges in Suffolk and served in both world wars
He died 27 December 1973.

Frederick Titheridge (Titheradge)
Service number 51513
Born Bishops Waltham, Hampshire in 1841

George Titheridge
Service number M10745
George was born in East Meon, Hampshire on 25 February 1892 son of William and Sarah Titheridge. He was a Cook’s mate on HMS Queen Mary. The Queen Mary was one of the ships involved in the Battle of Jutland. The ship was hit by a German battleship and then exploded and sank. George was one 1266 men aboard Queen Mary who died. He died aged 24 on31 May 1916. His memorial can be found on the Portsmouth Naval Memorial and also his name appears on the Fernhurst Village War Memorial in Sussex.

Henry Titheridge
Born Droxford 14 February 1837
Enlisted 6 January 1857

Henry Titheridge
Service number 68660
Henry was born in Gosport, Hampshire on 3 November 1846. He was the son of William and Jane Ann Titheridge. His wife was Elizabeth. In 1871 he was stoker on HMS Indus, in 1891 leading fireman on “Empress” and 1901 leading stoker on a steamship.

Henry Titheridge
Henry was born in Wandsworth London in 1860 son of Henry and Lucy Titheridge. He married Eliza Fetcher in 1885.

Henry William Titheridge
Service number 77684
Born West Meon, Hampshire in1853

Henry William Titheridge
Service number 175340
Born Gosport, Hampshire on 10 January 1873

Henry William Titheridge
Service number 234923
Born Rotherhithe, London on 08 February 1889 son of henry and Eliza Titheridge. He died in 1976 in Portsea.

Herbert Hine Titheridge
Service number 88983
Herbert was born in Portsea, Hampshire on 01 December 1859 son of George Robert and Sarah Isabella Titheradge. He is the brother of the George Sutton the famous actor. In 1881 he married Emma Watts in Wangford, Essex. He died in Portsea in 1926.

Jack George Ralph Titheridge
Service number J10158. Rank Lieutenant
Jack was born 11 February 1895 at Portsmouth son of John and Amelia Maud Titheridge and brother to Cecil (mentioned above). He married Mabel Steains in Paddington in 1918. We assume he emigrated to Australia as we have found a record of his death in 1958 in Perth Australia.

 Jack Ronald Titheridge
Served in World Ward 2, Canteen Assistant
Jack was born March 1920 at Alverstoke Hampshire, son of Benjamin James Titheridge and Eva Agnes Titheridge. He was a canteen assistant in NAAFI. He died 24 May 1941 aboard HMS Hood. In 1941 HMS hood was based in Scapa Flow and was working as a convey escort. She was sent to intercept the German Battleship Bismarck which was on route to the Atlantic to attack British conveys. The Bismarck was spotted in the Denmark Strait between Greenland and Iceland. However the Hood was struck by German shells and she sunk with the loss of 1415 crew and just 3 survivors. Jack is remembered on the Portsmouth Naval Memorial panel 61 column 2.

James Titheridge
Service number 55582
James was born at Alverstoke, Hampshire about 1857 son of William Henry and Elizabeth Titheridge. He married Eliza Innell in 1883 in Greenwich. He died in June 1942 in Chiswick.
Served in World War 1 rank gunner, then Lieutenant and then Lieutenant Commander
Records show the following

1881 census gunners mate on HMS Martin
1884 James and Eliza living at Seafield Terrace Stoke Road Gosport and working as a gunner instructor royal navy
1901 census Warrant Officer Royal Navy (gunner)
worked on HMS Excellent
Gunner 3 June 1874 to 7 April 1904
Chief gunner 8 Apr 1904 to 23 May 1910
Lieutenant 24 May 1910 to 11 May 1919
Reached retiring age on 3 June 1911 on £178 4s 9d per year
Became Lieutenant Commander from 12 Mar 1919
Retired as Lt Com pension rate rising to £230 10s 0d

 John Titherage
Service number 5385
Born Petersfield, Hampshire on 13 April 1829
Volunteered on 07 August 1853

 John Titheridge
Born Petersfield 12 April 1832
Enlisted 21 September 1863

John Titheridge(may be one of the John Titheridge’s above but dates not an exact match)
Described as 5foot 2 inches with fair complexion, blue eyes, light brown hair, no scars or marks vaccinated against small pox. From the parish of East Meon the son of William Titheridge and Elizabeth Lee, William being an agricultural labourer. William was christened in East Meon on 14 February 1829 and married Eliza Hasting of Surrey Street Portsea at St Mary’s Portsea on 19 July 1858.

Naval records show

He probably joined the navy in 1846
25 May 1849 to 6 Feb 1850 on HMS Raleigh as ordinary seaman
18 March 1850 to 19 June1852 on Supine as able seaman
Joined HMS Vestal on 14 July 1852
7 June 1853 he became the Captain’s man
He received his 10 year medal on 1 June 1856
18 June 1856 he was promoted to Quartermaster
On 11 December 1856 he joined the Victory as quartermaster
8 June 1857 in the Portsmouth Yard as a rigger
22 June 1858 joined The Argus as cargo cox
Served on HMS Argus 1858 to 1861
6 July 1861 on HMS St Vincent

John Titheridge
Service number 87336
Born Alverstoke, Hampshire on10 July 1859

Joseph Blaik Titheradge
Service number 160385
Joseph was born in Portsmouth on 28 October 1872 son of James Walter and Mary Ann Titheradge. In 1893 he married Ada Caroline. He died in Portsea in 1904. On the 1881 census he is listed as apprentice leading stoker Royal Navy.

Leslie Frank Titheridge
Served in Royal Navy in World War 2.
Rank Able seaman number C/JX 144713
He was born 1919 at Hendon son of John and grace Maud Titheridge
Leslie was an able seaman aboard HMS Wryneck. In April 1941 the Wryneck was assisting the evacuation of Allied troops from Greece. On 26 April HMS Wryneck and HMS Diamond picked up troops from Nauplia and then sailed to rescue survivors of a Dutch troopship hit by air attacks. Having picked up the survivors both the Diamond and Wryneck were attacked by air and both sunk. Aboard the ships were a total of 983 men only 66 survived. Leslie died in the attack on 27 April 1941 aged 21 and is remembered on Memorial Panel 44, 1 on Chatham Naval Memorial

Philip Ronald Tidridge
Born 12 March 1908 unknown parents. Married Ethel Caroline Fietz and died June 1989 at Torbay.

Richard Titheradge
Service number J102090
Richard was born in Portsmouth, Hampshire on 4 January 1906. He was the son of Richard Cobby and Annie Titheradge. He married Alice Kathleen Barr in Portsea in 1926 and died 6 June 1964.

Richard Cobby Titheradge
Service number 289422
Born Portsea, Hampshire on 31 August 1877 son of James Walter and Mary Ann Titheradge. He married Annie Donaldson in 1901 and died in Gosport in 1935. He signed up to HMS Victory on 19 July 1898 and was invalided out of the Navy on 4 November 1898.

Robert Titheridge
Service number 51908
Born Portsmouth, Hampshire 13 July 1842

Robert Arthur Titheridge
Service number 100310
Born Paddington, Middlesex on 08 May 1861 son of James and Emma Titheradge. Died on 19 September 1915.

Robert Edward Titheradge
Born Morpeth, Northumberland 3 September 1947 son of Eric Norman Titheridge and Beatrice Postle. Bob joined the Navy Fleet Air Arm about 1964 and trained as an aircraft engineer. He left the navy about 1973 and died in 1993.

William Titheridge
Service number 47837
Born September 1831

William Charles Titheradge
William was born in Paddington London on 10 July 1888 son of Robert Arthur and Alice Amelia Titheradge. He married Mabel Hicks in 1913 and Lillian Hicks in 1960. He served in World War one in Royal Navy Air Service (RNAS). He was a pilot in RNA in WW1 Serving in Scotland Malther and Italy. In 1938/1939 he was in RAFVR as a wing commander. He is known to have been based at East Linton Aerodrome, near some point.

William Henry Titheridge
Service number 168871
William was born in Gosport, Hampshire on 14 May 1873 son of William and Elizabeth Titheridge of 28 Park Road Gosport. William served in World War 1 and was a stoker first class on HMS Shark in 1916. HMS Shark was a destroyer and in the Battle of Jutland it led an unsuccessful torpedo attack on German ships. During the engagement it was severely damaged by gunfire and eventually sank. William aged 44 was among those who lost his life on 31 May 1916 aboard HMS Shark. He is remembered on the Portsmouth Naval Memorial panel 19.

William Henry John Titheridge
Service number 1626973.
He served in World War 1 with rank chief gunner and later became Lieutenant Commander.
William was born 21 August 1876 at Alverstoke son of Benjamin and Eleanor Mary Titheridge. He married Annie Eliza Springate in 1908. He served on HMS Ganges, Excellent, Stage, Albemarle and Princess Margaret up until 1926 when he left the navy. He rejoined the navy at the outbreak of war in 1939 and served on HMS Daedalus. It is excerpt from his diary that can found under the miscellaneous section.

Notes on member who served with the Royal Marines

Titheridge, Arthur Charles
Service number 11220 Royal Marine Light Infantry: Portsmouth Division
Arthur was born 02 June 1883 in West Meon son of Charles and Ann Titheridge. He married Bertha Merrit in East Meon in 1905.
He enlisted on 5 January 1901 and was a Private in the Royal Marines. He served on HMS Kent. At the outbreak of the First World War HMS Kent was sent to the Falkland Islands in the south Atlantic. Here she engaged in conflict with the German Navy. On 8 December 1914, during the battle of the Falklands Islands, HMS Kent sunk SMS Nurnberg but during the action the ship was damaged and casualties inflicted. Arthur was among the wounded and he died later that day from his wounds.

The Falklands battle report on casualties states
“I regret to report the deaths of the following men, mentioned below, belonging to this shop. They occurred during and after an action off the Falkland Islands with the German light cruiser NURNBERG on 8th December 1914.

Arthur Charles Titheridge Private R.M.L.I. Po 11220

Private Arthur Charles Titheridge R.M.L.I. was gun layer of the 6″ gun in A3 casemate. He was severely burnt about the head, face, trunk and limbs. He was brought to the sick bay where picric acid dressings were applied and morphia administered but he died of shock at 11.40pm 8th December.”

Arthur is buried on the Falkland Island at Stanley Cemetery. He is also remembered on war memorial in East Meon and there is also a commemorative plaque at Canterbury Cathedral.

Titheridge, George Henry
Service number 15564 Royal Marine Light Infantry: Portsmouth Division
Enlisted 13 October 1909
Born 14 January 1892

Titheridge, John
Service number 10632 Royal Marine Light Infantry: Portsmouth Division
Enlisted 12 October 1899
Born 04 August 1880 in West Tisted son of Henry and Ann Titheridge. He married Bertha House in 1920 and died in 1970 in Surrey

Titheridge, William
Service number 10232 Royal Marine Light Infantry: Portsmouth Division
Enlisted 27 February 1899
Born 15 August 1880


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