Our Genealogy Hobby

We began our interest in genealogy in 1988. The interest was fired by the continual comments such as

“Titheradge – how do you spell it?”
“That’s a strange name”
“Where does that name originate?”
“Never come across that name before”

So we set out on our quest with the aim of discovering where the surname originated from and what it meant.

We initially thought the surname came from London where Mike’s grandparents lived. We were surprised to find that 170 years ago the family had migrated from Hampshire and this was where the Titheradges came from. The early individuals with the name were concentrated around Winchester, Hampshire and spread from here. There are a few early mentions of similar names in Herefordshire and Staffordshire but we are unsure if these are related.

The second question remains unanswered. Although we have had several suggestions of the meaning of the surname, its exact derivation remains a mystery. Other genealogists researching the name have suggested “tithe” is related to the tithes charges by the church (tithe being a tenth of a farm’s produce which had to be given to the church) and “ridge” could relate to a landscape feature or the location of the tithe barn which was often associated with a village church. It is unlikely that we will ever know the true origin of the name.

There are various commercial companies that provide you with the history of your surname for a “small fee”. These give suggestions which are difficult to believe, such as “the name Titheradge can be traced to ancient Celtic culture of Wales, Titheradge is one of the oldest Welsh names” or “the name Titheridge is of English origin from a place called Titheridge which is believed to have been situated in Cheshire. It is a lost village that has disappeared from the map”. Incidentally, we have found no family records yet in either Wales or Cheshire. Other companies offer a family crest which can be bought for another “small fee”. We will let you judge for yourselves the authenticity of these commercial products.





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