The wealthy family members – William Henry Walter Tytheridge

The Tytheridge family – William Henry Walter Tytheridge (1812 – 1886) and his son Henry Burton Holdup Tytheridge (1847 – 1918)

Henry Burton Holdup TytheridgeWilliam Henry Walter Tytheridge died in 1886 leaving a total amount of £6189 11s 3d and his son Henry Burton Holdup Tytheridge died in 1918 and left £15,429. These amounts are probably equivalent to £400,00 to £500,000 in today’s money. Most of William Henry descendants were fairly wealthy individuals.

William Henry Walter Tytheridge was born about November 1812 in Portsea he was the eldest of 5 children of Robert Tytheridge (1784 – 1834) and Lucy Ann Holdup (1783-1841). He married Sophia Cunningham at Saint Luke’s Chelsea 24 May 1845. They had 3 children Henry Burton Holdup Tytheridge born 1847, Walter Robert Tytheridge born 1849 and Elizabeth Sophia Tytheridge born 1853. Sophia died 6 months after the birth of Sophia in December 1853.

In 1862 William married for a second time to Caroline Sarah Dredge who was 20 years his junior and was previously the children’s governess. Caroline died 14 April 1880 and William died February 1886 in Kensington. William Henry Walter was described as Superintendent in Record Department in Somerset House. In 1871 census he was living at 1 St James Square, Nottinghill.

According to the Will record at Somerset House William Henry Walter Tytheridge died 24th February 1886 at St James Square Nottinghill. The will was proved by his sons Henry Burton Holdup Tytheridge of 14 Lime Grove Uxbridge esquire and Walter Robert Tytheridge of The Chestnuts Epson Surrey (surgeon). The value of the will was £6189 11 shillings and 3 pence.

William and Sophia’s eldest son Henry Burton Holdup married Frances Langford in1874. They had 5 children Cecil (1875-1947) Arthur (1876-1877) twins Arthur George (1878-1907) and Ainslie Burton (1878-1919) and Dorothy May (1881-1960). Of the 5 children only Cecil produced children. Ainslie Burton was a member of the Canadian Army Medical Corps, who was killed in World War 1. Henry Burton Holdup was a civil servant like his father and by 1911 his occupation was retired Assistant Superintendent Somerset House. When Henry died in 1914 his family donated a house in Andover, 90 New Street, to the town of Andover. There is no evidence of him, or the Tytheridges, ever living in Andover but presumably it is something that was inherited through family connections as Lucy Ann Holdup, his grandmother, was born in Andover.

Henry’s will records at Somerset House state Henry Burton Holdup Tytheridge of 12 Charleville Mansions West Kensington died 6th January 1918 at 385 Chiswick High Road, Middlesex. Probate granted to Cecil Walter Langford Tytheridge Civil Servant and Augustine Charles Sadler solicitor. Effects were £15,429 19shillings 4pence.

William and Sophia’s second child, Walter Robert, married Lucy Anne Winterbottom. He was physician and surgeon and moved to New Zealand where he died in Christchurch in 1918. The 1897 “Cyclopaedia of Wellington, Medical section” gave the following information about Walter Robert.

Tytheridge, Walter Robert M.R.C.S., England, L.R.C.P. and L.M., Edinburgh, Physician and Surgeon, Grey Street, Marton. Dr. Tytheridge was born in Bayswater, London, in 1849, and after having practiced in England for some years, removed to New Zealand in 1895, settling in Marton the following year. He is a member of the British Medical Association, and was Police Surgeon to the V Division of the Metropolitan Police, surgeon to the Civil Service Rifle Volunteers, London, and held an appointment on the staff of Epsom Cottage Hospital. He is a member of the Freemasons and Foresters’ orders.

Walter and Lucy had one son Alan Courtney born 1889, as far as we know he was a bachelor. He was a graduate of Canterbury University in New Zealand and there is a scholarship there in his name “Tytheridge Scholarship”. He lived in Japan in 1934 and there is a record of him arriving in San Francisco from Yokohama in July 1939 just before the start of World War 2. At some point he returned to Japan and worked as a school teacher and died there in Chigasaki in 1959.

The youngest child of William and Sophia was daughter Elizabeth Sophia who remained a spinster and died in 1913 in Hastings leaving £4688 in her will.

Hence to summarise the family’s wealth we have

1881 Caroline Tytheridge leaves less than £200
1886 William Henry Walter Tytheridge leaves £7042 (amount was amended in probate records)
1907 Arthur George Tytheridge leaves £636
1913 Elizabeth leaves £4688
1918 Henry Burton Holdup Tytheridge leaves £15,429
1918 Walter Robert Tytheridge (from New Zealand) leaves £2538 in the UK
1919 Ainslie Burton Tytheridge leaves £2732
Also in
1916 In New Zealand Lucy Ann Tytheridge left an estate of £2682

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