Our Research

Our research started as a one name study of individuals with the surname Titheradge, rapidly expanded to include Titheridge, Tidridge and Tytheridge and recently we have included Teatheredge, Tutheridge and Titherage.


When we began our research in 1988 the only information we knew was the names of Mike’s uncles and aunts and that his grandfather was born in London around 1880. When we began our research there were no computerised records. All data had to be transcribed by hand from original document, microfiche or microfilm. So began numerous visits to St. Catherine’s House (where birth marriage and death records were stored), London Record Offices, Winchester Record Office, Portsmouth Record Office and libraries. In recent years our research has been aided by the use of the Internet and websites such as Ancestry. We have and Find My Past and now the greatest challenge is how to organise the information in an easy accessible and computerised form. We have information on approximately 3820 people either born with the surname or married into the surname over a period of 470 years from 1540 – 2012.


Our data has been collected mainly from the following sources

English national records of births, marriages and deaths (1837 – 2006)

Parish Records

IGI (International Genealogy Index) now known as Family Search

Census returns (1841 -1911)


Military Records

Correspondence with family members and fellow genealogists


Most of the records are after 1837 when English birth, marriage and death records were recorded centrally rather than in the parish, but we also have records of about 350 births are before that date. While most of the records are English, we also have records from Eire, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA and South Africa.


We have a collection of family trees relating to the name, some just 3 or 4 names making a tree but our big tree of Cheriton, Hampshire has 1419 descendant of John Titheridge and Ann Quallat stretching over a further 13 generation and our other big tree has 533 descendants of Daniel Titheradge and Rebecca Baker stretching over 11 more generations. However, there are still many individuals who remain a mystery as to where they fit in to our family tree.


During the course of our research we have come across many fascinating individuals from the famous to the infamous, the wealthy and the poor, the criminals and the barrister, the wartime heroes and those who gave their lives in the world war and many more everyday folk. If you have a family history story you would like to share please contact us at